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National Customs Garden in Yunnan

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The world-famous National Customs Garden is located next to the bank of Liusha River with charming scenery in the western suburbs of Hongjing City that occupies a ground space of 1000 mu. Historically, it's used to be one demonstrative base of scientific research in our country. In the year of 1988, the state government officially redeveloped it as the National Customs Garden.

It made the rare and precious luxuriant tropical vegetation in Xishuangbanna and the rich ethnic folklore of extremely high ornamental and tourist value been harmoniously integrated into the whole. This is just an epitome of the picturesque Xishuang Banna that is indeed a beautiful and enchanting world for holiday-makers. National Customs Garden is one of the Hongjing's most prestigious tourist spots.

The Garden is divided into two primary categories: the North Garden and the South Garden. The picturesque garden had been planted with tropical fruit-trees of all sorts, marvelous flowers and rare plants. There built two or more travelling paths, and 6 exquisite and graceful and diversified bamboo huts in pile-dwelling style, which would without doubt unfold to us an aesthetic picture scroll of southwest minorities including Dai nationality, Hani nationality, Lahu nationality, Blang nationality, Jinuo nationality and so on.

The garden also had built the high and magnificent liberation monument and the capacious sports stadium. Thus National Customs Garden had become one large comprehensive park combining together of recreation and travelling. Here the tropical fruit trees scattered randomly over the park is the sight of its infinite varieties and beauties.

Inside the South Garden is planted with the thick tropical trees which would have masses of delicate blossoms in the spring, they blossom so profusely that the air becomes saturated with the aroma of fruits. As the summer is arriving, it's covered with rich fruit, as full of sweetness as a hive is full of honey. In the golden season of autumn, the fruit trees with dark shades which bring the refreshing cool.

It's indeed one tourist attraction that is the perfect combination of warm atmosphere and natural beauty. Unlike the South Garden, the North Garden boats its own particular features, which could offer a wide selection of display national customs from different nationalities. This is a multifunctional destination of entertainment where visitors could enjoy both the grand sight performance and a feast of local delectable.

It provides a good resting place for visitors, with singing birds and fragrant flowers all the year round. In summer, the fruit tees that are ripe and drooping with fruit, full of life and fulfillment constitute a microcosm of natural scenery in Xishuangbanna. Beyond this, there were the landscape tourist agency, the leasing company of tourism automobiles, hotels of national amorous feeling and many other supporting service facilities in the area.

In addition to being able to go sightseeing and enjoy the fine prospect within the park, visitors could also go leisure vacation and enjoy rich ethnic folklore to their hearts' content. The best travel time to National Customs Garden lasts from October each year till June of next year. 

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