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On the National Highway 318: Part 3

 2011-12-01    Micecon    Sights    Lhasa    4156  

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The next day, we had already crossed the Jinsha River, came to the territory of Tibet!


We drove on the mountains, gradually increased up from an altitude of 2700 m to 4000 m, it was still rainy at the foot of the mountain, but became snowy on the mountain! From that moment we fell into the world of winter! Our driver told us that it was the first time for him to see such beautiful scenery!

No matter what you shoot, you would get a landscape painting.

With the gradual decline of altitude, one after one piece of wonderful landscape painting appeared in front of us, we again cried out, so beautiful!

harvest highland barley in the snow…

That patch of green vegetable was so dazzling…

There were many military vehicles at the side the road.

Highland barley stored on the shelf

We were on a hilltop again, and entered a world of snow, just like an ink painting.

We finally arrived at Basu after turning again and again!

The scenery was more beautiful in Tibet!

On the way to Ranwu Lake: snow-capped mountains, forests, rural scenery… and snow-capped mountains reflected in the Ranwu Lake, picturesque scenery! 


Midui Glacier

huts at the foot of the snow mountain

Look, the two men riding horses were very happy!

Someone regards Nyingchi as the Swiss of Tibet, but in fact, Nyingchi is far better than Switzerland. It is a world of Shambhala! I used to hold the idea that Tibet is arid, barren, but this trip to Tibet completely changed this view. As soon as entering Nyingchi, I was shocked!


Lulang stone chicken is very famous, and also very expensive, more expensive than that in other places! But, after all, it is on the national highway, and the only stone pot in Medog!

The pasture scenery in Lulang is very beautiful.

It was afternoon when we passed Lulang.

Namcha Barwa is always a topic of national highway 318, but few people have the chance to see its true colors, because its summit is always hidden behind the clouds!


Nyang River

We were going to have supper.

Nyingchi hotel, in the early morning

We left Nyingchi… the last night on the national highway 318, we arrived our destination – Lhasa! The road condition is very good after entering Tibet. Although Lhasa was only five hundred kilometers away from Nyingchi, but there was strict speed limit here. And the rate-limiting method is very special, you must spend as long as the prescribed time on the road, so there were a lot of cars parked on the roadside to wait the time.

red rose on the plateau

shot at roadside when waited the time

lovely green grass in the morning sunshine

as blue as the sky

A young bull

prayer tower

Mila mountain pass is the last mountain pass to Lhasa.


On the way to Yamdrok Lake, beautiful scenery

water burial platform at the riverside

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