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Peaceful Trip to Shaoguan

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Situated in the north of Guangdong Province and bordering to Hunan Province, Jiangxi Province and Guangxi Province, Shaoguan is the center of political, economic, transportation and culture in the north area of Guangdong. With its unique location and long history, Shaoguan also is listed as a leading city in the development planning of Guangdong. Shaoguan, a famous historical and cultural city, is well-known for its amazing landscape, especially Danxia Mountain. But there are also many other beautiful sceneries, such as Yunmen Temple, Yunmenxia Drifting Scenic Area and Bibei Ethnic Village.

Located at the foot of Ciyun Peak, 6km in the north of Ruyuan county, Yunmen Temple is also named Yunmen Mountain Dajue Buddha Temple. It was built in 923 by Wenyan Buddhist monk, who is Liuzu Huineng's ninth generation disciple. (Liuzu Huineng is the primogenitor of Yunmen sect). Yunmen Temple is the birthplace of Yunmen sect, which is one of the five sects of China's Buddha. It was regarded as one of China's key monasteries by the State Council in 1983. Covering an area of 12,000 square meters, the building style of the temple is magnific, refined and quiet. The temple has attracted many pilgrims visitors.

During the super hot summer, we needed some peaceful places for relaxing. What a good choice to get to enjoy these three wonderful sites! So let‘s go! go! go!

Day1: Yunmen Temple--- Yunmenxia Drifting Scenic Aera


Admission tickets of Yunmen Temple(Ps: 5 Yuan/person)


The front door of Yunmen Temple


Inner view-Xiao Xiguan


Ancestory's Fresco Gallery



Let's shake hands! Shake~shake~shake~


Met a beautiful bufferfly~ Wished us a lucky day!


Washed hands in the gentle stream. The water was so cool~Wow~~~


Had a rest for a little while~then kept climbing


We finally reached the top~had fun with waterfall~


The colour of the water was so amazing, which reminded me of the gorgeous Jiuzhaigou Valley.


Departed from Yunmen Temple, we set off Yunmen Drifting Scenic Area. After the exciting drifting and crazy water-splashing, we got disordered hair style~Haha~

Day2  Bibei Ethnic Village Yunmen-Temple-13.jpg


You can buy special local iterms as  souvenier for your family and friends. All these were diy by the local people.


Appreciated the local oddly-shaped rocks



Enjoyed the local life, shared stories with  the local people of Yao Nationality.
The village was very peaceful. More  importantly, the people there were so nice. Wish them have a better future!


Said good-bye to the local people and back  home!

Location:Ruyuan County, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Provinve, China

Best  Time to go: March~May/September~October

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