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Peculiar Beauty of Sanjiaolong Gulf

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Sanjiaolong Gulf is located on the Longgang Mountain with an elevation of 833 meters above sea level within the territory of Huinan County in Jilin province. The water surface area is about 50 hectares; the inmost depth of the lake is about 104 meters, with the gross storage capacity of about 10 million cubic meters and a stable water level. Sanjiaolong Gulf got its name because the surface of the lake was in triangular form.

Since scientific investigation proved that Sanjiaolong Gulf some was the volcanic lake formed by the volcanic eruption about some 200,000 years ago. There are dozens of famous stories about Longwan among the local folk people. Sanjiaolong Gulf is characterized by many fantastically beautiful scenes including the beautiful mountains, lovely lake and some others. From the top of the green mountain we could look out on a broad panorama of Sanjiaolong Gulf, the mountains as of a dragon, the lake as of jade mirror, the maple leaves as red as fire.

Sanjiaolong Gulf with striking features of all four seasons had the very attractive landscape of indescribable beauty at morning and night. Compared with Sanjiaolong Gulf, Dalong Gulf may be briefly characterized by the spacious surface of the lake, highly variable lakeview and another Heaven and Earth beyond the world of man, with the largest area among the six Long gulfs. If Dalong Gulf is featured by the communion of being spacious and mysterious, then Donglong Gulf is accompanied by the serenity, boldness and abruptness.

It is still a virgin lake that hasn't been exploited. It just lay there silently among the undulating hills. Blessed with these old trees that reach into the skies, a whole forest of the rocks, the scenic spot only had the pathless hills across the wild river, chirping birds and running springs. Everything was original, elegant with classic simplicity and natural. It could stick out the impressive feelings and present the serenity with the utmost composure.

As you get closer to Sanjiaolong Gulf, one becomes sharply aware that it's so dangerous and miraculous. Erlong Gulf and Xiaolong Gulf are located in the small basin. Standing on the near Jinlongdingzi and overlooked the vast expanse of the land as of the miniature landscapes of the art. Since that the two lakes are located among the lofty mountains and deep valleys, the moisture persisted throughout the day.

The white cloud and a myriad of water sprays always floated on the summit of the mountain halfway up the hill, which could give people wonderful colors of the dreamy cloud and mist. Long Gulf is not only the delightful scenic resort, but also very valuable kingdom of resources. With abundant vegetation species and the thick forest, Long Gulf had become the haunt for precious and rare wild animals.

Leaning to a railing at the wharf of Sanjiaolong Gulf and gazing from a far, you could get close to the holy water of pure and clear water. This kind of the volcanic dammed lake contains rich natural mineral substances. Sanjiaolong Gulf is limpid with crystal water, with the photo visibility reaching over 10 meters. 

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