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Penglai Pavilion Tour

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Penglai Pavilion is known as one of the greatest four towers of China, people describe this place as a heaven. Some ancient Chinese myth is coming from this place, such as “ Bai Xian Guo Hai” ( Bai Xian Guo Hai is an ancient Chinese myth. This myth told us the process about eight ancient human becoming gods, and they went through this sea and going to the heaven). And the Penglai Pavilion has a mirage story from the records.

After development, the Penglai pavilion is forming three part and four kinds of culture. The three parts are the ancient building group of the Penglai Pavilion ( which is in the center), Penglai Water City and Tianheng mountain ( which is on both sides of the Penglai Pavilion). The four kinds of culture are The fairy culture, the famous martial art culture, ocean culture and the port culture.

The Penglai architecture group is located in the Danya mountain, Penglai district. This Penglai Pavilion is composed of several different temples and palace (including Temple of Three Immortals, Lvzu temple, Sugong temple, the Queen of Heaven Palace, the hall of theDragonKing, Penglai Pavilion and Amitabha temple). Since the Song dynasty, the Penglai Pavilion has been rebuilt in every generation.

Historical Culture of Penglai Pavilion

There is an ancient myth about the The First Emperor of Qin, in the ancient story, this man went through the sea which near by the Penglai pavilion for elixir. But I guess he didn’t find the cure for death, because he died in thousands years already.

The main architecture of the Penglai Pavilion has been built in theSong dynasty ( 1061 A.D.), and located on the top of the Dany
mountain. The main Pavilion has 15 meters tall. The designer had made a gallery around the building for visitors to enjoy the view. People say that gallery is the best place for the fantastic landscape.

There is aplaque with golden words which hanging inside of the Penglai Pavilion, and these golden wordswritten by the famous calligrapher who named Tiebao of the Qing dynasty. You could guess that what was he writing on the plaque? I think you know the answer already, it is the name of that building- Penglai Pavilion.

There is a Penglai Water City which under the Penglai Pavilion. The watery city has built along with the south of the Danya cliff. It is one of the ancientexisting naval base in China, and the water city has been called Beiwei city in the ancient China.

Penglai water city has 1.8 kilometers length, and covers 25 square kilometers. And the whole city has two doors ( the first door is on the south and the other one is on the north). The door on the north has been called Water Gate, and the door has gate lock, this door was made for controlling the boat traffic. And the rest door which on the south has been called Zhengyang door, this door has connected the land, it is made for ancient people.

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