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Penglai Pavilion Travel Tips

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The Penglai Pavilion is located on the top of the Danya mountain, Penglai city. The ancient architecture group of the Penglai pavilion covers 32800 square meters. It is composed of the Amitabha temple, the Temple of Three Immortals, Lvzu temple, the Queen of Heaven Palace, the hall of the Dragon King and Penglai Pavilion ). These just part of this scenic spot’s information, and this pavilion have some other story still, but you have to know it by yourself. Now, I will give some tips for traveling this pavilion below:

Tip 1 : Opening time of the Penglai Pavilion

Because of the Penglai Pavilion is a very attractive scenic region, therefore a lot people visit here especially in good weather or season. Then the administrative department of the Penglai Pavilion has made two opening time system for the tourist which are in season and off season, check the details below,

A. In season ( April to October)

The opening time of in season is between 6:00 o’clock to 18:30 pm everyday.

B. Off season (November to March)

The opening time about the off season is between 7:00 o’clock to 17:00 o’clock everyday.

Tip 2 : Tickets

The Penglai Pavilion scenic region is very strange, because of there is no attraction ticket for students, old person and any special guest, the full ticket is very expensive, i still could not understand this. I guess extremely less people would like to visit twice, cause of the unreasonable ticket price.

Anyway the full ticket of the Penglai pavilion is charging for 140 RMB for each person.

Tip 3: Traffic

A. Bus

The nearest station of Penglai Pavilion is the West Garden of the Penglai Pavilion. And There is one bus could pass by that bus station which is the number 8 bus from the Penglai city center.

B. Taxi

If you don’t know this city well, i suggest you to take a taxi. And the taxi of Penglai city is not expensive, you could land the Penglai pavilion with the flag fall, it is very cheap, isn’t it?

Tip 4: Best Time For Traveling

The guide book says that the four seasons are perfect for traveling the Penglai Pavilion. But i have noticed the time of in season which is around July to September. Because a lot people plan to visit this place for avoiding the summer-heat, and this period is the summer holiday of Chinese students. Therefore this period will be very crowded, i suggest you visit this place by avoiding this peak-hour tour.

Tip 5: Address of the Tengwang Pavilion

No.7, Yingbing Road, Penglai City, Shandong Province.

Tip 6: Contat of the Tengwang Pavilion

Telephone: 00852-0535-5648106

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