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Quancheng Polar Sea Park

 2014-03-29    sonrisabai    Activities    Jinan    2460  

Quancheng Polar Sea Park is located in the north shore of the Yellow River, about 20 minutes drive from downtown of Jinan city. I got myself a ticket from a discount website, the price was a lot cheaper comparing to those in ticket window.

Before I came in, I already fell in love with Sea Park’s beautifully designed look from the outside. Its name was written with different colors, with shells and mermaids decorating around. There were over 10  halls: Tropical Rain forest, Underwater Tunnel, Sea Creatures, Polar Kingdom, Science 4xhibition, 4D cinema and Underwater Theater. Stepping in, the first thing I saw was Yangtze finless porpoises. Yangtze finless porpoises is the national level protected animal in China.

The tropical rain forest here was simulations of South America's Amazon River basin style. Green tall trees were everywhere and it looked amazingly real though it’s all fake. There was thunder about every 2 seconds, with darkness all around, it gave me the delusion I was in some dark haunted house. But I had to admit they did a great job trying to imitating Amazon view. In the giant tanks, there were many kinds tropical fish, some of their names I’d never heard of, like blood parrot, electric eels, and arapaima.

On Turtle Island, there lived two species with perfect match color, green turtles and red turtles. There were some crocodiles lying behinds the shore. One thing was for sure, they were really ugly! Talking about crocodiles tears, all lies. Actually crocodiles tear was only to get extra salt out from their body. So next time when you see a crocodile eating his prey and tearing up, don't think he's sad for his prey!

We watched the The Little Mermaid show, which was originated from the Danish fairy tale "The Little Mermaid". The performers was wearing beautiful dress with fish tails, doing underwater ballet in an elegant way. This was definitely the most graceful performance I’d ever seen.

Then we came to the Sea Tunnel. It's a 100-meter-long underwater tunnel with glass walls, you could see colorful fish swim all around you, like you were really swimming in the sea. I was even trying to spread my hands to reach it when I saw a pretty fish, then I realized I couldn'tEveryone was captivated by this blue wonderful saltwater room. At the same time, the commentator girl was introducing us the fish and related knowledge. She dressed like some stewardess on some flight, but the blue color uniform did match the theme.

Polar kingdom was a whole white icy world that's built with rocks covered in snow. There was a collection of polar animals from the Antarctic and the Arctic such as beautiful Arctic fox, polar bears, harbor seals, cleaver fur seals, huge-size Steller's sea lion, cute warrus, beluga whales and other arctic animals. I came to the penguins. They were swimming so fast, almost with arrow speed.

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