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Relaxing Hot Spring of Mount Huangshan

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Apart from the beautiful scenery of Mount Huangshan there is also the Hot Springs Scenic Area of Mount Huangshan. The Huangshan Resort and Spa is located at the bottom of Purple Stone Peak and has an elevation of 650 meters. Admire the Sea of Clouds, rock formations and ancient pine trees while bathing in the hot spring. The average temperature of the main spring mouth is 42 degrees centigrade. There are many health and therapeutic benefits associated with bathing in hot springs. It is also the ideal place to relax after a long day climbing Mount Huangshan. 


There are many stories and legends about the Huangshan hot springs which also been known as the Tang Springs, Vermilion Springs and springs of youth. The name springs of youth originates from a story where the earliest ancestor of the Yellow Emperor who bathed in the hot water from the springs and it smoothed his wrinkles; he then became immortal and ascended to heaven. 

The scenic attractions of Mount Huangshan Scenic Area are the following: 

  • Inverted V Falls

  • Three Folding Spring

  • Ringing String Spring

  • Red Well

  • Tipsy Rock 

  • Mercy Light Chamber 

Huangshan Hot Spring Information

Those who have high blood pressure or heart disease are advised not to bathe in hot springs. 

Not suitable for pregnant women.

Do not bathe in it if you are hungry or not feeling well.

Accommodation is available near the hot springs. 

Huangshan Hot Spring Ticket Prices

The ticket price is included in the entry fee of the Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area which is 230 Yuan in March to November and 150 Yuan from December to February.

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