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Sacred Laoshan Mountain as the Cradle of Taoist

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Laoshan Mountain stands on the east of Qingdao City; it's the major mountain range of the Shandong Peninsula. Laoshan Mountain is located elevation 1,130 meters, is mountain in China the first high peak. It is seen to symbolize as Qingdao City. The famous mountain enjoys prestige as "The first renowned mountain at sea" at home and abroad. There is the high mountain, and stares from age to age across the changing ocean. The ocean makes your broad-minded. The Laoshan Mountain would surely let you realize pure falsely with secluded.

The environmental resources of Laoshan Mountain are abundant and precious, which without doubt make it be the ideal place for visitors with over 200 sightseeing spots. The famous mountain is not only a scenic mountain but also a place famous for Taoism. It would be good if you could make a tour to that place possible! It's well-known as the home of the second largest Quanzhen Order of Taoism group. The Taoists from Laoshan Mountain are specially noted for their knowledge, legendary skills, and stories, which could add an element of suspense and mystery to the legendary mountain.

Its coastline with extending 87 kilometers is a tremendous spectacle at sea. It is quite romantic to roam about the bluestone alley, you can enjoy the background music and view the tiny light of the red lantern, gazing in dreamy reverie at the eternal ocean. Two kinds of beautiful scenery unfolded before us. On one side is the blue-green sea and blue heaven, the waters that rushing down in whirlpools would surely create a site of spectacular grandeur. On the other side are green pines that seem to be new-bathed and grotesque rocks. Green and luxuriant are the large area of pines.

In former times, some people call it as "Fairies' palace". All of this would always lend an air of romanticism and mystery to the place. Here you could view the well-preserved Taiqing Palace Taoist Temple that is the largest and oldest one in Chinese history. Being one of the origins of the Chinese Taoist, the longstanding Taoist culture and tradition had played an important role in the world.

The mountain enjoyed a high reputation as "A genuine fairy mountain of the Eastern Sea" and is now widely known both at home and abroad. Because of its beautiful coastline scenery, it has earned the famous reputation of being "a fairy isle on the sea". Laoshan Mountain has a warm temperate maritime climate, no intense heat in summer, no severe winter. So the mountain has been taken into account as an ideal place for touring and escaping summer heat since ancient times.

The mountain is a place that brings some of ancient Chinese greatest poets, composers and writers to mind. It has always been the preferred gathering place of some famous artists and poets. Nevertheless, a sizeable proportion of these temples and palaces have been destroyed, and the Taiqing Palace is the largest, the most splendid and longest-living one among those left today. Taiqing Palace is surrounded by the mountains on three sides, and by the sea on the other side.

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