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Sand Lake - Bright Pearl of the Desert

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The Sand Lake which is situated 56 kilometers north of Yinchuan in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is always remarkable for its beautiful scenery. A growing number of people from the world are attracted by its unique and beautiful natural scenery. It's one rare and famous scenic site that could combine the lush in vegetation fields with desert scenery perfectly. It's considered as an oasis on a boundless desert that offers a tired walker strength and hope. In total, the Sand Lake accounts for an area of 8.2 square kilometers, within which the desert covers an area 12.7 square kilometers. The limpid streams, rare plant species and dense vegetation here, all contribute to its unique beauty.

The cruise on Sand Lake certainly takes its viewers on a scenic and breathtaking journey into the southern-type fields with desert scenery which is considered as the country's most unusual landscapes. Blessed with a temperate climate and surrounded by beautiful landscapes, the Sand Lake is famous far and wide for its unsurpassed natural resources. The Sand Lake falls into two main parts concerned with different kinds of sites, which are bounded on the north by water and on the south by sand.

The reed marsh nearby the lake promised different kinds of living creatures, so that it is a famous ecological tourist scenery and the natural scenic spot of bird appreciation, such as white crane, black marabou, and Swan. As spring advanced, the lake ranges with interspersed areas of bird eggs in any color among the reed, making a fascinating topographical feature of the lake.

A wide range of fish is available to offer more business opportunities. It is characterized by its abundant fish diversity. The aquarium holds a comprehensive exhibition of the life in the lake, like fresh bighead fish of more than 10 kilograms unfolded in front of visitors' eyes, moreover, they are also allowed to catch fish in the lake if they like. As in setting out on a delightful journey, the visitors strain their eager gaze forward the famous Helan Mountains which is marked by many figures with odd shapes and faces whereas. Almost various rare birds recorded in the history can be seen in the lake, which makes it one of the most rewarding birding spots in our country. Besides ideal bird watching available, there are also some vacation homes for rent and various hotels for spending holiday.

From a distance, the desert and the lake do really add to each other's splendor and offers a stark contrast. It's almost a match made in heaven. The picturesque site of the lake more often than not has clear water as an inseparable companion. The famous scenic sites on the lake are harmonious combinations of water and sand that complement and set each other off. The lake which is on North by water that looks emerald green, contrasting sharply and to each other's advantage with the desert in the north. There's too much to see beyond here to justify spending too much time in the Sand Lake.

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