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Sanya Travel Tips

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Generally speaking, December, January, and February are the high time to Sanya. The climate is gentle and it is winter in China. So Chinese people will flock to Sanya to stay off the cold. No doubt the travel expenses is high during these three months. In summer, the sunshine is strong so does the ultraviolet ray. Therefore summer is the low season. However, it is believed that Sanya in summer is more beautiful than it is in other seasons. With good skin protection, you may also have a good time there.

Avoid the end of September, October, and the beginning of November if you are planning your trip to Sanya. This period of time is the storm season there. A storm in a tropical island means that you are being grounded.

All in all, March, April, May, and November are the best timing to Sanya. The sun is milder; no long holiday in China so no big Chinese crowd; storm is unlikely.

The price of accommodation is ridiculously high during the spring festival which falls during the end of January or February. The lowest price can be seen at June and July due to the high sun damage and fewer tourists.

The temperature of the ocean water does not vary too much as Sanya is at the tropical area. It ranges from 30 degree Celsius to 23 degree Celsius.

It is easy to have a perception that Sanya must be very hot in the summer because it is located at the tropical area. However, Sanya is blessed with both warm winter and cool summer. Because of the oceanic climate, the highest temperature of Sanya seldom exceeds 33 degree Celsius. If you don’t constantly expose to the sun, you will not feel very hot. The lowest average temperature occurs at January. It is 18.4 degree Celsius.

To protect yourself from getting sun burn, a good sun cream with high SPF is indispensable. The SPF of the sun cream should not be lower than SPF50 or SPF30+++. The ultraviolet ray is strong all summer from morning till dawn. It is suggested that you apply sun cream twice a day: once in the morning, again at noon.

Although Sanya is a tropical island, the change of seasons can still be reflected on the sceneries there. Winter is the less beautiful season for Sanya.

In terms of rainfall, the large amount is concentrated between May and November. The rainfall is likely to be showers which have short durations. It is very possible to experience alteration between sunshine and rain at one day while a two or three days’ consecutive rainfall is unlikely. In one year, there are over 300 days with sunshine. 

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