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Several major dessert shops in Hong Kong (2)

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Glutinous Dumpling King

dessert of the Glutinous Dumpling King

Glutinous Dumpling King was opened in To Kwa Wan 30 years ago, and the dumplings are well known for the natives, Chow Yun-Fat is one of the regular customers who come here frequently.

The dumplings here are all man-made goods. In order to maintain fresh, this shop packs the dumplings at night, so they have thousands of dumplings to sell the following day, but the dumplings will not be placed more than two days. Inheriting the boss mothers secret recipe, first clean the sesame then fry with low heat over 45 minutes, then grind to a finer, the secret is to add a small amount of peanut to add sand filling waxy texture, so dumplings have a special name, called Ma Rong, not sesame. Put a smooth rounded scoop Ma Rong dumplings into the mouth, it really causes the taste buds of the resonance. Ginger syrup can not be ignored, spicy and fresh. Many guests sometimes only order a bowl of ginger syrup, then take dumplings home for slowly taste.

Stone Mill

desserts of the Stone Mill

Just look at its name, you can guess what kind of desserts this store supplies, that is the raw grinding paste desserts, but what you could not guess is that the shop will always have new ideas to provide new kind of dessert to satisfy guests. The most successful case is the Mango Lao He in Chinese which is made and sold like the salt, rather unique. “He" here is not the rice noodle people usually eat, but the food to be created with coconut milk, clear noodles, milk and sugar which is made into frozen milk bars, cut into strips after the solidification, together with milk and white rice noodles with somewhat similar, so they borrowed the name as Hofen. As for the "Lao" people of Hong Kong called, that is the way putting the sauce mix to eat, this dessert with mango juice mixed with sugar syrup to eat. There is sweet desserts mango, sprinkled with white sesame seeds on the surface of, taste and texture are good, no wonder the Japanese magazine also coverage this style of food. 

Fa Kee

desserts of  Fa Kee

Fa Kee

At first, Fa Kee went with the similar selling line with Man Kee, providing a variety of durian desserts, and later using good materials for making the dessert called Yang Zhi Gan Lu, then the guests become favorable for it, so this shop got fame.

They don’t use the lower cost Luzon mango, but the Philippines’ Feilong mango, which is unusual, sweet, flesh, more runny texture than the Luzon mango. They also strict with the grapefruit never consider Citrus, only use the Thai pomelo, with every single meat is plump and juicy grapefruit. Even the coconut is not sloppy, when other stores are all using canned coconut milk, Fa Kee is generous, they purchase packs of fresh coconut milk. So strict with the selection of materials, Yang Zhi Gan Lu becomes the sign of Fa Kee.

Small Sweet Alley

the Small Sweet Alley shop

desserts of Small Sweet Alley

Tai Hang is in the back garden of Causeway Bay, though with hidden location, it still attracted a large number of small fashion stores. The bosses of Small Sweet Alley shop are not just the influx of people, but also stars, they are Jo Koo, and Vincent Kok. Of cause, star restaurants usually caused a boom, however, many such kind of shops close down for the poor quality of food. At first people thought the Small Sweet Alley is a shop of opening soon, blast field every night, but if you put aside all prejudices to taste the desserts, you will find the extraordinary strength of this store.

There are dozens of desserts, in addition to a series of innovations with a dessert made of milk in Hokkaido, the others are the traditional taste of all Hong Kong-style, such as protein almond tea, red bean and bean curd, etc. But the Jo Koo has his own character, and he join the Japanese materials in the dessert, making it unconventional, like a bowl of Japanese red bean curd, tofu added with the Japanese red beans, apart from the larger particles, waxy texture red beans.

 Kwan Kee

desserts of  Kwan Kee

Existing traditional Hong Kong-style desserts are sugar-based, there are also a few bakeries, the shop still supplies the old Hong Kong cakes, there are several such shops in deep water district, like the 50 years of Hongfa, which supplies wormwood, taro cake, muffin, etc. every day. Many people think that only the older people appreciate these old Hong Kong sugar cake like sesame cake, pastries, while Kwan Kee, another dessert shop in HK, maintains the sales level these years. The new generation, young people, OL are also love these old-fashioned cakes.

Most of the old-fashioned cakes were used rice paste as materials, make the cakes soft but tough, so rice is the key factor for it can be good or bad. Kwan Kee aware of this rule, even if they have the existing sticky rice, they still insist to polish rice paste on their own every day, in order to keep it fresh. Like sugar cake, the rice slurry from the grinding, mixing the old fermented rice slurry made of moderate sweetness, loose but not stick teeth.

Man kee

desserts of Man kee

Man kee is the first shop launching a group of durian desserts, and it is the most successful one, even the famous Hong Kong gourmet Chua Lam is an honored guest.

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