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Shandong's Moye Island

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In the eastern end of Shandong Peninsula in Rongcheng city, there lies a beautiful island-Moye Island. Moye island is 12 miles long from east to west, and north-south width of 2 miles. Before the constructions of overseas highway in the early 1970s, it was just a desolated island that hided in the sea faraway from land. With this highways connecting the island to the land, this mysterious island was beginning to attract peoples attention with its breath-taking scenery.

It gets the name cuz the shape looks like a sword from the distance and hilt of the “sword” is in the west. There is also an old Chinese folktales about it. Legend has it that a couple named Gang Jiang(the husband) and Moye(the wife) was asked to cast sword by Emperor Wu. The couple worked really hard. Without knowing it, a few days went by, there was still no iron water flowing out from the casting stove.

Gan Jiang was getting upsetting and very nervous because the deadline was coming up soon. His wife asked,”Why there was no iron water coming out?” Gan Jiang answered,” We are casting the rarest sword in the world, my master once told me, if you want to make the best sword, you would have to throw a woman into the stove and let her be the wife of stove god…” Before he finished, Moye already jumped into the burning stove. In no time, iron water started flowing out.

Even today, there are still some places named after the story, like “Sword Casting Stove” and “Stove Loop”. There’s a giant rocky reef in the west of the island, with a shape of ship sails, so it gets the name as Sails Rock. In the spring and summer seasons, the island is covered with mist and rain, like a wonderful dreamland. On the stiff cliff, old pine trees swings with the wind, it must be really nice sitting here for a good meditation; under the cliff, there is soft golden sand beach that stretches for miles;in the fishing port, thousands of fishing boats are ready for sailing. What a nice view!

In my minds eye, the most beautiful sign of the island is the lighthouse. It was originally built by an English man in 1883, about 32 meters high, 15 sea miles range, and the tower body was pure iron casting. Unfortunately it was torn down during the national liberation war. In 1956, local people rebuilt the lighthouse and You could still see “1896” and other English words carved on a stone tablet very clearly. There are 9 villages on the island, each one has its own head. We find a small hotel, it doesn’t have those fancy hotel rooms but very comfy. There is a big rooftop on the second floor, a perfect spot to grab some bottles of beers and do some star gazing. How I wish I could stay here a little bit longer!

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