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Shanghai Xintiandi

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Another November has gone. And it is high time for us to plan the winter destination. Are you looking for a travel resort that will save your wallet from certain destruction? Then you should spend your holiday in Shanghai Xin Tian Di.

Shanghai Xin Tian Di is situated in the center of the busy Shanghai City, which boasts for not only the historical Shikumen Housing, but also the remarkable modern architectures. Covering an area of about 30000 square meters, Shanghai Xin Tian Di resembles Clarke Quay in Singapore and Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong, welcoming flows of tourists from all around the world everyday. In fact it is a charming pedestrian street in Shanghai that combined with oriental and western, classical and fashionable buildings. And many people regard it as a dreaming paradise for traveling, dining and shopping. If you want to get to know more about Shanghai, you definitely should pay a visit to Shanghai Xin Tian Di.

Yesterday meets tomorrow in Shanghai today
There goes a famous saying among Shanghai local people “Yesterday meets tomorrow in Shanghai today”. Without doubts, Shanghai Xin Tian Di is widely recognized as an ideal place to record the ups and downs of Shanghai history and sense the amazing life style of 21 century. When you enter Shanghai Xin Tian Di, you will be quickly attracted by the unique Shikumen housing. Shikumen housing, consisted with Chinese and western style, is commonly seem in Shanghai Xin Tian Di. The history of it can be traced back to about mid-1800. At that time, Shikumen Housing was home to the local Shanghai People. However, with the booming of Shanghai city, people are no longer live in Shikumen Housing now. Then Shikumen developed into a popular travel resort that is known all over the world. Nowadays, the old Shikumen housing is closely associated with the brand-new commercial concert, making Shanghai Xin Tian Di a charming place filled with life.

Shanghai Xin Tian Di can be divided into two parts, the South Block and the North Block. With an area of 25000 square meters, the South Block is typically famous for the special modern architectures. Award-wining restaurants, luxurious shopping malls, attractive cinemas as well as healthy fitness centers are all available here. No one can help visiting this wonderful place when he or she once to here. And what about the North Block? Surely time-honored Shikumen Housing prevails here. Most of them may look classical on the outer appearance, but fashionable inside with convenient facilities, such as elevators. Interestingly, many well-known stars run their own restaurants and shops in Shanghai Xin Tian Di, which provide their fans with great opportunities to communicate with each other. Wow! Everything in Shanghai Xin Tian Di may refer to the past, today and future of Shanghai city. Why not come and experience it by yourself?

Travel Tips: 

  1. convenient transportation is offered in Shanghai, including subway, buses, city sightseeing buses and taxies.

  2. Shanghai Xin Tian Di is crowd with tourists during peak travel seasons.

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