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Located in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province, Shangri-La is 200 kilometers away from Lijiang. "Shangri-La" is derived from the book "Lost Horizon",which means the hearts of the sun and the moon in Tibetan, because of its holy and beautiful as the "paradise."

Shangri-La surrounded by forest, serene lakes, the beautiful grasslands and has a wonderful scenery with the sacred mountains, deep gorges, flying waterfalls.Here is the religion of the Holy Land, a paradise on earth.You can feel time stand still.

Shangri-La County is one of the largest area but lowest population density county of Yunnan Province. These inaccessible places treasure many secrets of nature.

The attractions in Shangri-La mainly distributed in Dukezong city and the surrounding county, north of Deqin County and Tiger Leaping Gorge area.Travel to Shangri-La always take 2-3days,but it takes longer if you pilgrimage to Meili Snow Mountain.

There are 13 nationalities live in Shangri-La.They still maintain their own nation characteristics and their unique ethnic customs in their lifestyles, clothing, houses, buildings and traditional customs of Marriage.

There is a story about the name of "Shangri-La". During World War II, an American pilot crash in a valley here,the pilot was astonished by the wonderful natural scenery,he completely forgot to break free from the hands of death panic, blurted out this is really the world unique place.After World War II, "Shangri-La" word will spread like wildfire.

Today,although it is difficult to say exactly where truly the fantastic piece of paradise is , one thing is certain, Shangri-La has become a world-renowned tourist destination.






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