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Shilong Wenpo Wonder of Jilin

 2014-08-27    Young    Sights    Jilin    1837  

The Shilong Wenpo Wonder is the landscape with unique characteristics in the famous scenic spot known in Chinese as Wu'Da'Lian'Chi or the Five Big Connecting Lakes that is included among the major scenic resorts of the country. As a scenery zone with an array of volcanic cones and a chain of crystal clear lakes and as a health resort with mineral water springs of good therapeutic value, the Five Big Connecting Lakes have become a unique and thriving tourist centre in China.

Among which the striking tourism place is the Shilong Wenpo Wonder that is one clear pool with accumulated water all the year around, the total length of about over 200 meters and width of about 50 meters. Wenpo is one bright pearl of Shilong in the volcano. There're three volcanic wonders with potted landscape, 26 self-rolling springs in all shapes and sizes.

The characteristics with its three unique features: the first is its high magnetism, according to the measurements, Wenpo is situated in the magnetic core area of the Five Big Connecting Lakes in the Far North, below the Wenpo is the volcano's lava flows that had never break out, you may well say so, Wenpo is the most favorable distributed area for environment magnetic therapy; the second is the high-cold hot spring where the water temperature stays at an about 14 degrees Celsius all year round and is still steaming even its surface temperature of 30 degrees below zero; the third one is the three scenic sights in one pool, the picturesque scenery could strike one gleam after another.

The continuous body of water under the exact same geographical conditions is three tourist sites that differ greatly from place to place, and there were few who did not marvel at its beauty. During the cold winter of ice and snow when the dripping water forms into ice in the northern border regions, the temperature suddenly dropped to 30-40° below zero, people all wear the fur caps and bundle up in their heavily cotton-padded over coats, and they still feel very cold, however, Wenpo is exactly the opposite, beyond the vague vast sweep of star-gemmed water.

Wild ducks were disporting themselves in the water for the winter, carefree and at liberty, all of these scenes are said to be the strangest of all. According to the speculation of hydro geological workers, three's the geothermal output under the Shilong lava terrace in northern Wenpo.

The hot water rose from the place and combined with the cold water of the basalt that is the commonest volcanic rock. And then, the combined water dived into Wenpo, which makes the water temperature keep at over 40 degrees Celsius all year round and keep this pool unfrozen for the whole year yet full of steaming and clouds wafting in the air. One morning in the chilly winter, there were clumps of trees and flowers were covered with snow as if they were made of jade. Shilong Wenpo Wonder takes on a silver color again in the special seasons of winter. 

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