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Shopping in Shanghai

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Present-day Shanghai is an enchanting Pearl shining on the estuary of Yangtze River in East China. Many magnificent scenic spots, such as the Huangpu River, the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Shikumen housing and Shanghai Xin Tian Di, are worth a visit to discover Shanghai`s historical and modern glamour. Meanwhile, Shanghai is also a dreaming paradise for both shopaholics and casual bargain-hunters.

Hailed as the “Oriental Paris”, shopping is a Must-do for those who visit Shanghai. As the number of tourists visiting Shanghai has climbed up sharply in the recent years, commercial manufacture and related industries here became prosperous than ever before. When it comes to shopping in Shanghai, I guess you must be familiar with the “Four Streets and Four Cities”. The four streets refer to Nanjing Road, Huaihua Road, North Sichuan Road and Middle Tibet Road respectively. And the four cities are Yuyuan Tourist Mart, Xujiahui Shopping City, New Shanghai Shopping City and Jiali Sleepless City. All of them are bustled with flows of tourists, especially during the peak travel seasons.

Nanjing Road

As the NO.1 commercial street in China, Nanjing Road is about 3.4 miles long, ranging from the Bund in the east to the Yan`an West Street. Normally, we divide Nanjing Road into 2 parts, the East Nanjing Road and the West Nanjing Road. With a long history of more than one hundred year, Nanjing Road has witnessed the ups and downs of Shanghai City in Chinese history. Nanjing Road was used to be the first British Concession after Qing Dynasty’s failure in the Opium War (1839-1842), and a lot of imported goods were sold here at that time. Since then it developed into the earliest commercial street in Shanghai. These years, great changes have been taken in this street as gorgeous shopping malls, deluxe hotels, modern theatres and excellent restaurants are constructed gradually. Up till now, there are approximately hundreds of stores alongside the street, getting ready to offer you the great service and high-quality goods. Wandering in Nanjing Road, you will soon be attracted by charming stores and alluring products. No matter you are a shopaholic or normal tourist, Nanjing Road will surely make your stay in Shanghai memorable.


Yuyuan Tourist Mart

Retreated from the prosperous Nanjing Road, we are now heading for the Yuyuan Tourist Mart. Actually, Yuanyuan Tourist Mart is biggest retailing conglomerate in China, which is also known as Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart Company Limited. In the past, it was a huge shopping mall with precious jewelry, delicate cultural artworks, special antiques and many other products on sale. And later, it quickly turned into the first commercial holding company of Shanghai. If you want to buy some local crafts or jewelries as gifts for family and friends, Yuyuan Tourist Mart is the perfect venue for you in Shanghai.


Travel tips: 

1. City Sightseeing Bus is available from morning to afternoon for tourists. Please get off at Nanjing Road.

2. During the sightseeing in Yuyuan Tourist Mart, tourists can also appreciate opera and taste yummy local snacks in Shanghai. 

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