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Shuangxi Zhuhai Bamboo Rafting

 2018-09-28    Seven    Sights    Hangzhou    2626  

China is a land of wonders. Diverse landscapes, various ethnic cultures, contrast features are always open a window of never ending excitement. May that could be the reason, the once upon a closed block of territory has shown much interest among tourists all over the world. Tourists can see a lot of cultural relics, Buddhist temples, Pagodas and ancient structures. 


World of Bamboo:

Shuangxi Zhuhai is a village located in the northwest region of Hangzhou, which is more than 30 kilometers far from Yuhang area of Sungai Town. The entire area is densely blessed with bamboos. Rich lush bamboo sceneries are the prime attraction of this area. There are three important and famous points at Shuangxi Zhuhai. The first one is the crystal clear water. Taihu Lake is filled through the brooks originated from Shaoxi. Boating or rafting through the brooks can see lots of fresh water fishes swimming freely.

The second important thing tourists can see here is the largest dike which is 3 meter wide. That water gushes in to this deep pool is a magnificent thing to watch. The third important thing a tourist can see here is the bamboo forest. The ultimate thing that makes Shuangxi Zhuhai is widely known.


Bamboo Rafting:

Sungai bamboo rafting is one of the best experiences tourists can have here. Tourists can have drifting pages. Lots of bamboo rafts are available here and engage in to various activities such as sipping hot traditional tea or engage in to fishing and swimming. Rafting in clear water is one of the major events . There are more than ten attractions which can take you to engage with cultural activities of the village. Some of the events such as Sungai stack, Meng Weng fishing month, folk song duet, Ssangyong water, clip weir insurance float etc. are really thrilling.

Tourists can enjoy riding ox-cart and the rustic nostalgia of yester years. Similarly, tourists can ride the streetcar ornamental bamboo. Amusement such as beach volleyball, waterwheel entertainment, and swinging, open water swimming are some of the many entertainment activities one can engage in to.

Bamboo rafting is a convenient alternative transport form in Hangzhou Shuangxi Zhuhai. Tourists can travel from east to West Lake and also to West Mountain. Climbing on top of the Mogan Mountain, watching the beautiful scenery, wandering through the mountain tea garden, getting lost in the bamboo forest is something you can’t miss to experience. The vegetation in the area is much higher than that of other areas. The vegetation density is recorded as 91.9% which is the best when comparing to the other parts of China.

Travel Tip:
Reaching Hangzhou city from anywhere in China is easy if you are able to travel by the high speed bullet train. In Hangzhou city, there are enough tourist bus service and regular bus services are available to Shuangxi Zhuhai village. 

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