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Spectacular Meili Snow Mountain, Yunnan Province

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Meili Snow Mountain, also known as the Snow Prince,located in the western section of Deqin County, Yunnan Province, on the border with Tibet Autonomous Region.There are 13 peaks whose average elevation are over 6000 meters.They are called as "Thirteen Prince Peaks".The  tallest peak is the famous Kagebo which which has an elevation of 6,470 meters and is considered as the "most beautiful mountain in the world". 

As the highest peak in Yunnan,Kagebo is the protection of God for local Tibetan.In Tibetan legend,it's said that Kagebo is a handsome prince.Kawagebo looks like a a majestic towering pyramid,the clouds around it adding the mountain more mystery.

Honoured as "the god of snow mountain",Kagebo is world-renowned as "one of the eight holy Tibetan mountain".And nobody has climbed to the top by now.Every autumn, a large number of Tibetans from Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai and Tibet will take a pilgrimage trekking around the holy mountain to pray for a good future which is a magnificent scene.

The pilgrim has a great meanning for Tibetans.They believe they can live a peace and safe life if they trek.It's said that one would go to the paradise after this life if they could make this trekking for 3 times in their life.

You can also take a trekking between the mountains.It's a pure joy during the journey you can find many precious plants and wild animals. It's very relexing to breathing the extremely fresh air.

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