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Splendid Zhaga Waterfall in Sichuan

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Zhaga Waterfall is about 40 kilometers away from the county town of Songpan in Qiang Autonomous prefecture of Aba of today at the upstream areas of Mingjiang River. In the Tibetan language, Zhaga just means "the torrent in white rocks". Zhaga Waterfall is just one of two great landscapes of Mounigou scenic spot. Located at the foot of Zhaga Mountain, the altitude of the starting point in Zhaga Waterfall is about 3,270 meters, while its altitude of the landing point is about 3,176 meters.

Zhaga Waterfall is about 104 meters in height and 35 meters in width. It is said to be the highest calcified waterfall in our country. The upper reaches of the waterfall is the lake, while its downstream is the stepped river bed. The water of the lake falls quickly from the large calcified steps in a series of cascades, flow down with rhythm through the three-staged calcified steps, swash against the huge sharp calcified towering cliff, and finally forms the waterfall on a monumental scale, and create a boom that reverberates for miles in the empty valley, as of ten thousand horses galloping ahead.

Zhaga Waterfall is one layers of piled waterfalls. The fine spray of water that permeates the valleys saturated high concentrations of negative ion of oxygen in the air, which makes you relaxed and refreshing. The waterfall rushed down from the calcified dike with the altitude of about 3,270 meters above sea level while raging loud, with turbulent current and the dashing sound of billows like thunders, through the three-staged brown khaki calcified steps with many twists and turns.

The swift current trotted forward unceasingly, popping up bubbles of spays and clumps of sparkle of water spray with each stride. The deep pool showed clear and smooth-looking in the glasses and, below the curl of falling water, the spray in the air from the waterfall was blowing in the wind. The drops of water streamed down from the waterfall, and could shine with such a supernatural radiance in the bright sunlight.

The waterfall and pool all seemed extremely beautiful and there was the incredible spectacle of "Its torrent dashes down three thousand feet from high; as if the Silver River fell from an azure sky." Identification by the professional geologists, Zhaga Waterfall is both the liquid waterfall and solid waterfall.

This so-called solid waterfall is usually referred to as the fact that the river-bed of the waterfall is the calc-sinter one. The calc-sinter flow is just like the colorful liquid cascading down overwhelmingly as though a sea or a river had been overturned. But the water of calc-sinter waterfall is clear and shining.

Zhaga Waterfall is the calcified waterfall with the biggest fall that is currently found in China, which enjoys the fame as the first waterfall of China. The picturesque waterfall of the Zhaga Waterfall scenery area more often than not has the clear water as an inseparable companion. There're many scenic sights for your appreciating like Hongliu Lake that had the thick growth of patches of the juniper tamarisk. 

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