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Taimu Mountain-The Most Dangerous Airway

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Taimu Mountain is situated in the northeast of Fujian Province, about 40 kilometers from Fuding city. It is surrounded by the sea in three sides, one side with hills. The main peak is 917.3 meters above the sea level. Taimumeans old granny in Chinese. It has been enjoyed a high presitige among travellers since ancient times. Usually you can’t see the beautiful mountain view and sea at the same time but here you can do both. Not only that, the mountain is filled with different-shaped rocks and cavern. This is a perfect combination of mountain, sea, river and human landscape.

When you first step into the mountain, it feels like you walk into a giant natural museum with rocks and caves. If you want to go through all the caves in the mountain, it takes 28 days at least. Some cave leads you to the top, some to the sea, some to the mountain foot, every cave is an unique adventure. Sometime one cave would need a day. Each cave got its special stye and feature, and among all these, the top three are Thin Strip of the Sky, Seven-stars Cave and General Caves.

The rocks of Taimu mountain are granite, as the time goes, there are 360 different stone settings. Some rock looks like human being, some like animals, others are even bestowed with folk stories. A famous poet once commented the mountain like this, “No rocks in Taimumountain is not extraordinary, all with great craftmanship from nature.” The two most famous rocks are Nice Fishes Worship Heaven and Two buddhas Chanting Mantra, looking very majestic from the distance.

As the mountain gets higher, the route to the top is getting more and more difficult. No wonder at some spots you need to use both hands and feet to come higher, but everyone is having fun. In the distance, there is the sound of the sea and seagulls. When you finally get to the top, looking down the sea and it’s another whole new experience.

One thing is for sure, the amazing view surely could wash away some of your worries. Don’t miss out the airway bridge in Taimu mountain. It is just noiminated as the most exiciting yet dangerous airway by tourists recently. If you’re afaid of height, my advise would be keeping away from it. If not, a little risk would be nice though.

On the west side of the mountain, there is a beautiful stream called Nice Fish Stream, also known as the Red Stream. Along the streams scatters 20 or so tourist spots, just imagine all the fun you’re going to have. Green trees and colorful flowers decorate besides the stream, as well as rocks and pebbles in the bank. Want to see something cool and exciting? You got it. Inside the Nice Fish Stream there are two water fall, one of which falls from 60 meters high, if you’re lucky enough, chances are great you might see rainbow.

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