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Tengwang Pavilion Tour

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The Tengwang Pavilion is one of the famous three towers in the Jiangnan area. It is a remarkable representative about the unique ancient Chinese architectural art, and symbolized the great China with 5,000 years culture, art and history. The Tengwang pavilion is the only royal architecture in the south of China, situate the east side of the Gan river, Yanjiang road, Nanchang city, Jiangxi province. This building was starting to build at the Tang dynasty, and the building’s founder is the emperor Taizong’s brother who named Yuanyin Lee.

People of republic China are calling the Tengwang Pavilion is one of the famous three towers, then the rest two towers are the Yueyang Tower of Hunan and Yellow Crane Tower of Wuhan. From the history records, the Tengwang pavilion had been built more than 29 times because of the wars or some other accident.

The Tengwang pavilion was built on 8th October 1989, and this building has become the symbolized building of Nanchang.

History of Tengwang pavilion

Yuanying Lee was born in the royal family, he was influenced by the culture inside of the palace (means the royals culture and customs). The history book says that this man enjoy the party too much. During 652 A.D. he moved to Suzhou for business, but he brought some singer and dancer with him, and after arriving, he was having a party in his house every day. Not long enough, he was starting to build the Tengwang pavilion for a living (actually, this place just served his party, it is a place for fun only). And because this man has been confirmed with titles- Tengwang of the Teng State, Shandong province in the Zhenguanperiod of the Tang dynasty, then he calls that pavilion as Tengwang Pavilion.

You must curious about why is this pavilion so famous, even the owner wasn’t a good man and people should hate this place as hate this man. Yes, he wasn’t a good man. But this building was known as a poem which write by a famous ancient Chinese poet whose name is Bo. Wang. His“Tengwang pavilion preface” is quite good. And this pavilion is perfect.

Historical Events

The Tengwang pavilion has been through the Song dynasty, Yuan dynasty, Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty and this pavilion have been destroyedfrequently.

It has been rebuilt more than 29 times, the Tang dynasty has been rebuilt 5 times, the Song dynasty has been rebuilt once, the Yuan dynasty has been rebuilt twice, the Ming dynasty has been rebuilt 7 times, the Qing dynasty has been rebuilt 13 times.

After through several repeats, it is not the same as the original one. Even the scale, material and technique are not the same as usual, but it is fabulous as usual still.

What have wrote is just a piece of the history culture, if you want to know deeply about the Tengwang pavilion, then you could see more and feel more by visiting.

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