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The Amazing Three Parallel Rivers of China

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There are many places to visit in China that will mesmerize and attract you. However, there are few places that are quite as attractive but are known only to local people. They are waiting to get discovered! You can visit these places without spending much and will also get away from the mad crowd of tourists.Three parallel rivers in Yunnan, is a world heritage site declared by UNESCO and is in Yunnan province. There are three rivers flowing parallel to each other and they never converge.


The three rivers, Lancang River, Nu River, Jinsha River, originates from the Tanggula Mountain which is located on the Qinghai Tibet plateau. The smallest distance between Lancang river and Nu river is just nineteen kilometers while the smallest distance between Lancang river and Jinsha river is a mere sixty six kilo meters, which is about forty one miles.


These three rivers cover about 1.7 million hectares of land. It has around ten scenic spots and nine natural reserves which variedly belong to the Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Lijiang city and the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture. It also has one of the most amazing biodiversity in the whole world. The region also has one hundred and eighteen snowcapped mountains which are about five thousand meters above the sea level. There are also large hectares of forests and glacial lakes. With it’s more than ten thousand years old glacier, the highest mountain in this area is the Meili Mountain. This mountain is regarded as a holy mountain by the Tibetan people.

Spectacular Flower Season

The protected areas have around 173 species of mammal, 417 species of birds and 6,000 species of plant. Most of these species are common to the region. There are twenty five minority communities living in the region. Some of these minorities living here are Tibetan, Derung, and Nu people. They wear their traditional dresses every day. During spring season, every year, the region turns into a sea of flowers.

The vertical climate difference only, it is possible for this area to have 25% more animals and 20% more plants than any other region. Some very rare and exotic plants and animals can be found here like antelopes, Bengalese tiger, black necked cranes and the golden monkeys.

UNESCO World Heritage Site- Old Town of Lijiang

Here, also is located the Old town of Lijiang, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a history dating as back as eight hundred years. The town is popular for its systematic bridges and waterways. It is also known for its architecture, culture and history and the traditional residents, Nakhi people.

There is a reason why three parallel rivers of Yunnan is declared World Heritage site by Yunnan. It is a diversified and rare region. The three rivers never meet but the shortest distance between them is as less as nineteen kilo meters. The diversified and variety of flora and fauna present also makes this reason irresistibly attractive. There are places in China which leaves you breathless and awe-struck. This one definitely tops the list.

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