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The Beautiful Whale Lake

 2014-06-29    Young    Sights    Xinjiang    2106  

Located in the hinterland of Kunlun Mountain in the southeastern Ruoqiang County, the miraculous and big Whale Lake lay there quietly. It is the largest lake situated at the juncture of Tibet, Qinghai and Xinjiang province. Measuring 7.6 kilometers from north to south and 37 kilometers from east to west, it covers an area of 260 square kilometers. The smooth surface of the lake rises 4,708 meters above sea level.

The lake is approximately 2-10 meters deep. It was not until the satellites taking pictures and geological work of field investigation that we detected the smooth lake in the high mountains. The still water of the lake and the lofty icy peaks of snow-capped mountains could add to each other's splendor. The shape of the lake is just like the baggy whale laying on its side, its head goes east while the tail west, that's why it's called the Whale Lake.

The eastern portion of the lake about a seventh of the total had formed one natural gravel causeway as long as 7.5 kilometers which naturally divided the waters of the lake into west and east sectors. The natural width of the settled proppant bank is about 200 meters and rises 2-4 meters out of the water. There's the middle part with a chip out of it. The water on both sides of the lake could exchange with each other.

Since that the vast quantities of glaciers melting water in Yulang River discharge itself into the western half of Whale Lake, the lake is rich in freshwater plankton. When you go straight down out of sight into the water and you would be very glad to see so much plankton because it meant fish. Each summer, there's an indefinite number of fowls of many kinds like brown-headed gulls that were hunting for its prey and breeding. They commonly nest in the edge of the lake for the summer.

The western half of Whale Lake without freshwater supply, after a considerable period of time would evaporate rapidly and intensely, thus the salt content of lake water reaches nearly saturated condition. It's a region of perpetual evaporation that is largely or entirely devoid of life. B the water quality of the two lakes had significantly different in each other.

The East Lake with singing gulls and dancing ducks and the West Lake with ten thousand horses standing mute came into being naturally, standing in vivid contrast against each other. As a result, people also refer to the Whale Lake as Lake of Yin and Yang. It's indeed the prodigies of nature on the plateau.

Whale Lake is one rare kind of lake among the typical inland alpine lakes in the world. It's framed like a blue glittering pearl on the plateau in its setting of the southernmost end of A-erh-chin Mountains Nature Reserve, which cast the undefined and glimmering with the unseen over the place. The bright pearl on the plateau is still in a deep slumber among the Kunlun Mountains. It's a great tourist and expedition attraction that will be most enticing. 

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