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The Beautiful Yanghu Valley in Liaoning

 2014-05-30    Young    Sights    Liaoning    2798  

Yanghu Valley ecological tourist attraction is located at the junction of Benxi County and Huanren County. Yanghu Valley lands on the lower slopes and offshoot of Changbai Mountains. It's the beautiful place where the primitive and secondary forest is preserved to this day. It still preserves the most original natural thick forests vegetation. Blessed with a pleasant climate and forest-clad mountains and limpid streams, the scenic spot serves as an ideal place for seeking simplicity, returning to nature and developing ecotourism.

Benxi boasts the patches of gorgeous crimson leaves for its high latitudes. The red leaves of maple trees of the Yanghu Valley are the most charming autumn scenery here. Generally speaking, the fall colors peak in early October. The best season for enjoying an unobstructed view of red leaves is usually between late September and mid October. The Yanghu Valley of its infinite varieties and beauties is endlessly varied but never fails to entice and entrance.

Visitors could stop to stand drinking in the autumn scene of red flame-like foliage that displays the last splendor of the year before imminent fading. During the red leaves of appreciating period over half a month, visitors were lucky to watch the leaves with a wide variety of colors, the autumnal tints hanging motionless on the trees, or spreading on the blue surface of green lake at the bottom of the lake.

From a distance, the red leaves blossomed all over the mountains and wilderness, variously colored autumn leaves scattered randomly over the mountain, especially in the place where there's a clear reflection near the water. It looks like a picture in picture, as though it adds the fancy space without foundation to the painting that had been ready. As soon as you enter into the bumpy mountain road as of picture gallery, you can't be calm once in a very long while by beautiful shadows of branches and the gorgeous tints of lake and hill.

Apart from the red autumnal leaves, Yanghu Valley is also blessed with many varieties of trees such as Korean pine and larch with golden yellow leaves, fiery red torchlight trees and dark jade-green pine tree. And they are of many different colors, with their constantly interchanging colors; the beautiful and wonderful scenery stirs the soul with their beauty. Against canvas of deep blue water and golden larch wood leaves, the red sweet gum woods in the fall could offer a seemingly endless vista of color.

It is the daedal hand of nature that not only leaves limitless imagination to people, but also offers a strong flavor of the profound culture. It's more like the magnificent buildings in heaven, with a thousand and one gorgeous sights. The crystal clear water, green mountains, the pure refreshing air, shaking sail and flying birds is the first things that salute the eye. The heaven rose higher and higher; the cloud and mist seem remote and obscure. The vast stretches of our magnificent country stir the deepest emotions of pride and enthusiasm. 

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