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The Beauty of White Fish Mouth

 2014-05-24    Young    Sights    Yunnan    1852  

Located at the west coast of the Dian Lake, White Fish Mouth Scenic Spot is only 40 kilometers away from Kunming City, Yunnan Province. It seems like a small verdant peninsula out a long way ahead into the Dian Lake. With a setting of beautiful grassland, luxuriant tree groves and glistening lakes, visitors here are greeted with picturesque scenic sites that will long remain in their memory.

In this remote spot, the only movement is made by a troop of seagulls with white plumage, their cries only adding to the majestic stillness. The water, full of light and reflections, becomes a lower heaven itself so much the more important. Thus it does achieve a quiet and elegant environment. Every flood period, silts come from the West and stay in the lake, forming effluent circulation under the water. The water body is so tranquil that white fish come in continuous succession. They romp about in the Dian Lake, and so the site is called the famous "White Fish Mouth".

Another theory says that there's the hill nearby the valley, as of the white fish opening the mouth, and on the west by the Dian Lake, that's why it's called the White Fish Mouth. There's tens acres of flatland to the north of White Fish Mouth, with its back against the lofty cliff and the inaccessible precipice, in front of the valley was the Dian Lake, the mountains and waters make a pleasant frame to the valley.

During the Qing Dynasty and the early Republican Period, there comprised a garden villa and a tower which were totally piled up by blocks and shaped like a Chinese character "Lei", so the name of that place is called "Lei Garden". There are three stories in Lei Garden that lean against a precipitous cliff and face the Dian Lake, which is of solemnity and simplicity and looks like an old European castle.

There's a small hall on the second floor, and the panorama French window facilitates the ease, spaciousness and comfort. Being in indoors, you will keep the delightful scenery of the lake and the surrounding hills in view. Besides the Lei Building, there're numerous lodges on the lake. People have drilled deep fishpond and heaped up the earth to make an artificial hill.

Cherry blossoms are planted on the east side; the rolling green and spreading trees had been cultivated. Apart from the beautiful scenery, the scenic spot is also blessed with a lily pond along the uneven causeway where the tall cotton-rose hibiscus shooting out above the surface of the water.

Among many scenic sights, the most beautiful ones are arch bridges which are idiographic in framework, the most unique in shape, distinct in regional features and with a long history; and nicely paved roads on all sides of the pond, as well as two stone pavilions which is the classic European style. White Fish Mouth Scenic Spot confronts the outer lakes of Dian Lake and reaches nearly 11 square kilometers across, the very best in the Dian Lake. 

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