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The Beauty of Xianghai Nature Reserve in Jilin

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Situated in the boundaries of Tongyu County of Jilin Province and occupying an area of over 10,546 hectares, Xianghai Nature Reserve is established in 1981 under the authorization of Jilin Provincial Government, thus it has a much better than average chance to be a nature reserve at state level in 1986. It was even more splendid exhilaration that it was listed as one of the World's Important Wetlands in 1992.

Currently, there are many precious and rare wild animals listed as key protection species, including white stork and crane, etc., and elm trees, the habitats of the living creatures were also now protected. The ground evens out inside state nature protection zones with its cool and healthful climate. Temperatures in this bracing environment apparently can be cool but not frigid. And the smoothness of the land choked with reeds also make labor easy for men and beasts.

Moreover, the large collection of fishes and abundant living aquatic resources offers an ideal place and exogenous natural food to allow the rare water birds to nest and breed. There are various types of vegetation and soil along the riverbanks like reed marsh, shrub with sparse trees and there is nothing better than that. There're characteristic and natural environment and immense resources of biological materials inside the nature zone.

Xianghai Nature Reserve of Jilin Province hosts over 200 species of birds as well as many fish species in its numerous lakes and marshes. Xianghai Nature Reserve's diverse habitat and vegetation affords a perfect breeding ground for a lively and varied selection of birdlife. According to preliminary investigations by concerned parties, there're many wild animals under special state protection that are well preserved in the established nature reserves, such as Grus japonensis, G. Leucogeranus, G. Vipio, Platalea leucorodia and many more.

Come spring, huge numbers of birds had flocked together nearby the natural area. As a result, the perfect place had been listed as one important bird area in the region, specifically to cover the most significant breeding, passage and wintering sites. The region is not only well-known throughout the world for its irresistible scenic attractions but is an important base protection and research of biodiversity in the world.

Xianghai Nature Reserve is a rare and delicate treasure gifted by nature. It is a veritable heaven on earth for the birds. A great variety of dune with elm trees, lakes sparkled off the wavelets, marshlands floating off on the wind and a green grassland running down to the distant horizon, all of these would offer the people genuine and earthy feeling.

Currently Xianghai Nature Reserve is not only preserved in its natural or original state, but also displays the modern civilization in the new century, thus it's an ideal place for vacationers to travel, go sight-seeing and scientific investigation. The four great and rich propagation zoology sites inside the nature zone offer the visitors a popular and natural place of amusement. It's not only a beautiful and fertile land in China, but also a cherished land in the world! 

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