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The Enshi Tusi City Tourism

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The Enshi Tusi City is a national 4A level scenic area, 1.5 km away from the center of Enshi City. It is a folk scenic area with luxuriant historiy and architectural landscape. The Enshi Tusi City is the area where to display Tujia culture. there is folk museum ( including Tujia and Hmong culture) which is the largest folk exhibition of main land China. And this exhibition is known as “the firs Tujia city of China”. It integrates the architectural art of Hmong, Tujia Minority and Tong Minority .

Tusi rule is made from the central feudal dynasties in history, the ethnic minority areas are belong to it. The Tusi system began in the Yuan dynasty and end in the Qing dynasty, it’s about 450 years. The relationship between Tusi and central feudal dynasties is that Tusi belong to central feudal dynasties. The central feudal dynasties grant Tutsi autonomy. The land of Tusi does not enter the central dynasty territory and the census register does not enter the central dynasty. Tusi king is actually an local emperor.

The Enshi Tusi City built on mountains, covers an area of 300 acres, it was divided into square and business district, cultural display area, entertainment district and the hotel reception area total of four functional areas. There are built Tujia village, Miao village and Dong village of three national traditional architectures, the major scenic contain the Gate tower, Fengyu bridge, Linjun temple, Tujia dwellings, Tusi Palace (Jiu Jintang), the City wall, Beacon Tower, Bell tower , Drum tower, hexagonal pavilion, The garden, white tiger statue, Wolong bridge, Tingtao teahouse etc...

The Enshi Tusi City gate tower is also known as Tusi Zhaomen or Kanlou,which is a monumental building to show Tusi dignity and merit.The whole gate tower implied many significant digital.The gate tower have 4 floors refer to the four season in a year, 12 posts means that 12 months and 24 girders express 24 solar terms.There is a decorative sculptures on the roof of the gate tower which is named “good fortune in front”.This decorative sculptures is very interesting,it made of many bats and an ancitent coins.In the Enshi Tusi City gate tower,there are many historical heritage,such as portraits and works that created by historical celebrities,hence take the name “Mochong tower”.

The Enshi Tusi City is round of mountains, trees and bamboos, total length is 2320 meters. It's built along the mountains and seems very spectacular. In the Enshi city,there are many fake village walls and city wall, such as"Lichuang Yuma stockaded village", "xianfeng daughter stockaded village"and ancient city wall of the Liuzhou city, etc.....The Tusi City Wall and Beacon tower remind tourists of historic battle scenes that happened here, although war years has become the past, but this power of not crooked national spirit is still to be admiration and respect. The Enshi Tusi City has the power of the Great Wall and the mystery of the southern Great Wall. Jiu Jintang is a place to show Tujia social culture, there are Tusi government office supplies, all kinds of ancient furniture.

The Enshi Tusi City recreates the construction craft verve of Bachu, telling the legendary life of Tujia and deduces the simplicity folk customs.

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