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The Fabulous Scenes of Fairy Gulf

 2014-07-23    Young    Sights    Xinjiang    1964  

Located within the boundaries of Kanasi Integrated Nature Landscape Protect Region, Burqin County, Altay Area of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the famous Fairy Gulf also stands on the site of an earlier ford that is formed by the tranquil mountain torrent of the mysterious Kanas Lake. There're the large bodies of river beach about three kilometers away from the north of Moon Gulf.

The river had divided the forest and meadow into the pleasant patches of small islands which is dubbed a Fairy Gulf. Viewed from the smooth surface of the lake in the shadow, there're shimmering bits of light in the bright sunlight, as though it was infinity of bright pearls scattering in minute droplets. Hence comes the name of Pearl Beach.

The addition of clouds wafting in the air, the rarely beautiful mountain scene, the still water of the lake, the blooming trees to set each other off would make one feel as if he were in the dreamland of fairies with cloud and mist rising in season and out of season. Fairy Gulf is in practice an adjoining shoal and swamp area, beads of water were floating like white lilies on the surface of a clear calm lake in the warm spring sunshine. Even the leaves on the tree were swaying evenly in the wind and sparkling in the bright light.

There were as of myriads of pearls scattered randomly at first sight appear. There were most of the time when the cloud and mist curl up it, which is an unearthly sight whose vast expanse of whiteness screens the surrounding site, that it seems to be a dream or a vision veiled behind a light haze.

Another tremendous spectacle of the lake is changing color, which is referred to as the changeable lake. It's said that the lake take on the color of its surroundings including the changes of the weather and seasons. In every year from April through May and developed into November at the time of snow and ice closing off the lake, the still water of the lake would present different colors in different seasons.

The water in May of melting ice and snow seemed to come straight from the dark lake and present blue-grey. When it comes to June, the lake takes on the greenish color of its surrounding plants. The lake with greenish-brown and the pleasant bright blue is extremely beautiful. After July is the flood duration period, the blue-green expanse of water turned into milk-white tinged with blue-green, because of a large amount of supplies for the white water of the lake at the upper reaches of the White River.

In August, the lake can take on the dark-green color of the effect of the rainfall. In September and October, the supplies of the lake were markedly reduced, the surrounding plants were a kaleidoscope of gorgeous colors, and the emerald colored lake was looking lovely and radiant. The lake is completely frozen over in December, and after that Kanas Lake was like the white crystal mirror again. 

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