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The Fairy Bingyu Valley Scenic Spot

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The famous Bingyu Valley Scenic Spot is located in the proximity of Xianrendong Town, 40 kilometers away from the northern part of the country of Zhuanghe in Dalian city. The scenery here has great charm with forest-clad mountains and limpid streams, reminding the land of Guilin. The well-known tourist spot has a very beautiful natural landscape with many secluded ravines and sparkling mountain streams and, down through the ages, has been a favorite haunt of many famous writers and painters.

The path winds along mountain ridges, arousing infinite aftertaste and reverie. You might admire the strange peaks standing at the mountaintop for it endures the bluster of the wind and rain. There're over 20 caves in all their varied shapes and sizes. Here visitors could enjoy a hearty experience of nature's primeval beauty at Bingyu Valley, which is long known as the Little Guilin in southern Liaoning.

In the last few years, there're many constructions like tourist holiday zones, holiday bungalow and central hotels began in the scenic spot. There's a great market potential in developing mountaineering, canyoning, speleology, fishing, collecting delicacies and wild fruit from the mountains and rafting on rivers of the surrounding area, filling up mountain leisure amusement and the sightseeing tourism project from Bingyu Valley Scenic Spot and impelling Bingyu Valley travel industry to specific development.

Evert year from January to February, the ice lantern festival and many other amusement activities on the ice would be held. Moreover, there would produce a plant for clearing heat and anti-summer heat, and could be modified to make cool drinks that are refreshing on a hot day, and is called the uniqueness of Bingyu Valley by most of the local people.

Here you could have a glimpse of the ancient pines and cypresses, with a feeling of very long time, seemed to be in those ancient centuries, also as though it was in Southeast China with a unique beauty in terms of flavor and scenery. Bingyu Valley Scenic Spot has a distinct character compared with the incomparably beautiful landscape in Guilin, and picturesque seas of clouds in Mount Huangshan. With the particular style and lasting appeal, Bingyu Valley Scenic Spot presents us with a vision of great beauty in a charming little corner of the southern Liaoning.

The scenic spot with a good reputation both at home and abroad is honored as a panorama of beautifully balanced fauna and flora, there're different kinds of precious birds and wild beasts, and marvelous flowers and rare plants! Red pine-woods occupying a total area of over 600 hectares are unsurpassed in Asia and even in the world.

The mountains of Bingyu Valley have the straightforwardness and vigor of the northern mountains, as well as the ingenious and delicate styles of the southern peaks. Among which the most famous one is the Fairy Cave situated halfway up Mount Longhua as the beauty spots and places of historical interest. The beautiful scenery and infinite verve of nature seemed to be condensed into the scenic spot.

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