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The Four Famous Chinese Ancient Beauty Dishes

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Speaking of the four famous Chinese ancient beauties dishes, it is the time for you to both have a feast on your visual sense and taste sense. To begin with, we try to look into the ancient Chinese history to get acquainted with the four noted Chinese ancient beauties, they were Xishi, Yangyuhuan, Diaochan and Zhaojun, who were the typical belles praised thousand years ago. What’s more, four dishes were specially created and named in honor of their beauty, which were not only charming and interesting in looks, but also wonderful and amazing in taste. Now, let's take a look on them!

Xishi Tongue

First, please don't be scared, it is not the lady's tongue but one kind of soup cooked with fresh clam. It’s said that time Xishi, the beauty was caught by a bad guy and pushed down into the deep river, after her death she became the embodiment of a clam with the hope that when people were having it, the clam meat would remind people of her poor story. The meat is very much like her tongue, so people name it after her, furthermore, this soup is also praised as the first delicious soup in the world. When you are having the soup, the soup is like silk-milk, feeling perfectly sweet and smooth running around your mouth, as for the calm meat, which is full of freshness and tenderness. And the long-lasting taste is meant to win your heart, which is delightful as listening to her sweet uttering.

Gui Fei Chicken

According to its name, this Gui Fei Chicken seems to be born with a royal and noble character. It said by then Yangyuhuan,  Princess Yang (Yang Gui Fei) was deeply loved by the Tang emperor, and her meals were carefully made to please her, and her favorite dish turned to be this chicken specially made for her. Once you have a try on this dish, you will fall in love with it in no time in view of its incredible taste. The chicken is selective hen, fat and tender, when it is cooked, it is companied with fancy wine, in this way, the chicken appears to be attractive in ruby color, and the fabulous smell is finely drilled in the inside of the meat. It’s just like drinking wine as having meat, why not killing two birds with one stone? There’s no doubt Princess Yang was so into it, let alone us.

Diaochan Tofu

Bean curd is popular in light of its snow-white appearance, soft and flexible as well. What’s more interesting, this dish is cooked along with loach, one kind of sloppy fish. When the fresh loaches are boiled with the tofu, they would be worried to escape and hide into the tofu to run away from the heat. The tofu is the shelter for the loaches and takes the freshness of the meat into its softness and smoothness, which is also funny like the assorted jelly, flexible and full-bodied. It is said this was a plot to kill a man who was charmed by Diaochan, he went into this trap, and had nowhere to run away but be caught.

Zhaojun Duck

This dish is made of noodles and gluten, boiled with stock duck soup. The soup tastes delicious by absorbing the essence of the duck meat, very strong and long-lasting, especially due to the flexible gluten, it is added a touch of chewing fun. It is said that after Zhaojun was sent far away to get married, she felt hard to get used to the local food there, so the cook made this to come up to her preference. Having soup, sucking noodles, chewing gluten, which contributes to too much fun and it is fancy to mix the soft and flexible together. 

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