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The Glamorous Altun Mountain National Nature Reserve

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Altun Mountain National Nature Reserve retained the unique and extremely rare wild animals in China owing to its remote and obscure location and tough natural conditions featured by high altitude, cold climate and thin air. It is blessed with a unique natural ecology and geographical environment and abundant natural resources. International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, called IUCN for short, maintained that it's one of the biogeography regions seldom encountered anywhere in the world, and invaluable gene pool of species on the plateau.

It is considered as one of the country's four well-known no man district. Situated on the southeast side of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, with an average elevation of 4,500 meters above sea level, had once been viewed as the "life forbidding zone", the so-called "no man district" is here a the stretch of thousand miles of wasteland.

Currently, there are 359 national-level rare species of wild animals listed as key protection species, including wild asses, wild yaks, black-necked crane and snow leopard. The plant resources with exceptional value inside the forest districts are characterized by their geological position from Central Asian desert to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau according to their species and distribution. There are more than 267 species of higher plants and 63 species of higher animals.

The nature preservation zone with cold climate is dry and windy. It has intense evaporation and the frost-free period all year round, thus it does not have the four seasons, making no difference between the heat and cold. The annual amount of precipitation is only 300 mm, with annual average temperature of below 0℃. The annual total precipitation of 300mm seems somewhat low for the region at this latitude.

Inside the district there is lucid air, fierce sunshine and changeable weather, as one saying described it: people wear fur coats in the morning and silk at noon. The weather is now the scorching sun, is now a spanking breeze and drifting snow. It's thunder and lightning one moment and hail the next.

As one of the most beautiful heaven of the wild animals, Altun Mountain where the antelopes as the international rarity lived here has the most abundant wild animal and plant resources. It is the uninhabited area owning to its harsh natural conditions and deep cliffs and gullies, these valuable resources have never been able to show to the social public. With its unique natural geographical and cultural environments, Altun Mountain enjoys a nature-endowed advantage in developing tourism and other tertiary industries.

lts real face was still like the incomparable beauty hidden in the harem, and nobody knows why. As to a variety of myths or folk tales, they seem to have already been forgotten. Far in the distance lie Altun Mountain, its beautiful scenery and ever new reveling in its vigor came into view. There're many glaciers in all their varied shapes and sizes in the Altun Mountain. It's acknowledged to be one of the mountainous area with the most extensively distributed glaciers. 

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