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The Gorgeous Mount Qianshan in Liaoning

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Qianshan Mountain what is known as a sacred place of Chinese Taoist is one of the well-known of scenic interest in our country. It is said to be 20km from the nearest Anshan City and sheltered in a rugged fold of mountains. As a sparkling pearl in Northeast China, it attracts the every person's eye in the entire world by means of her charm. Its prevalence was comparable to that Changbai Mountain in Jilin Province. Qianshan Mountain takes its name from its beautiful sight with innumerable mountains of a thousand peaks.

Qianshan Mountain is somehow blessed with elegant natural scenery and numerous places of interests. It boasts a thousand peaks in emerald color. The tourists throughout the world were moved with admiration at the magnificent view of the Qianshan Mountain. It looks like one endless hand scroll of painting and sends its unobstructed splendors over the Liaodong land.

The mountain is dainty and delicate, having an elegant and perfect quality when viewed from a distance. It became known through all country since ancient times and then turned into a famous tourism area. Covered by groves of lush green trees and richly-colored flowers, Qianshan Mountain is like a beautiful scenic spot. A cool climate and fragrant odors have kept many tourists away, leaving "lovely, unspoiled mountains" that is still "a delight to the traveler. Its picturesque scenery in seasons of the year is so enchanting as to make us forget to return. The twisty mountain road began to twist up, steeper and steeper. Especially in late autumn, splendid red leaves constitute stunning scenery with much beauty to be enjoyed.

It's recorded that many temples were built in Chinese dynasties. In the course of the country's long history, the religions here have become one of the beautiful cultural sites. In snow winter, peculiar Mountain could increase a lot of dignity and elegance for Qianshan Mountain. The grand and moving picture is delineated with fine brushworks, delicately and elegantly. The beautiful natural and cultural site brings out the best in each other as they blend into a unity. Qianshan Mountain added to the world's scenery spots a magnificent work.

As you climbed to the top of the hill, and you will keep the wonderful scenery of the Qianshan Mountain in view. You could even the hard-featured rocks and the glowing sky from the uttermost point of which a plume of windblown snow made a white stain on the blue sky. The famous scenic sites on the mountain are harmonious combinations of age and the hills that could complement and set each other off.

The famous Wuliang Temple is the biggest temple in the mountain. It becomes a busy and crowded place of worship for Buddhists since ancient times. The grotesque rocks of fantastic in shape or appearance could be best described in the famous saying there is no peak that is not arabesque, no rock that is not sheer, and no temple that is not ancient. With the extremely steep and forbidding rocks, Qianshan Mountain of simple beauty has inspired artists and writers alike throughout history worldwide.

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