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The Incomparable Beauty of Hemu Prairie

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Hemu Prairie is located at the intermountain fault basin around the intersection of Kanas Lake and Hemu River in Buerjin County, with the elevation above sea level within a range of 1124 to 2300 meters. The limpid streams, rare tree species and dense vegetation surrounding the basin, all contribute to its primeval beauty. With mostly rounded heads of mountains, the place is surrounded by a vast, damp and alluvial plain, and the river arranged in a crisscross pattern.

The complex patterns in the broad prairies gave rise to Hemu Prairie's unique beauty. Furthermore, the complex and varied terrains and landforms as well as the particular kind of ecological system has created a natural heaven for biodiversity. Hemu River that winds in and out like a snake from southwest to northeast intersects the plain and divides the boundless stretch of grassland in half.

Growing in mixed forests with dense vegetation, usually under sunlight, the slopes are covered with luxuriant virgin forests that stretch as far as the eye could see. The lush and verdant landscape of the forest constitutes a beautiful view. Here you could really enjoy the refreshing coolness and glistening green of trees and grass. Some wild animals including wild deer, marmots and snow cocks even inhabit the place with the lush green grass.

The slopes usually in shade are all covered with rolling green grasses. There was the atmosphere of absolute liberty distilled from the rolling sweep of all green swaying and glinting in the wind and sunshine. The prairie grass is indeed extremely beautiful, interlaced with flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, and so tall that a man on foot could not see over it.

Hemu Prairie at this time was a fairyland with a flourishing scene of prosperity. Here you could see nothing but clear skies, green fields, and sweet-smelling flowers, all of these are furnished with fine aromatic surroundings. There is humming and buzzing everywhere as bees gather nectar from dawn till dusk in the blossoms. Cattles and sheep in the fields and mountains were prowling about over there. One immense expanse of bewitching and lovely sight unfolded itself to our eyes.

The natural and primitive countryside landscape of Hemu Prairie is the most remarkable feature that makes it aesthetically peerless in our country. The primitive and disparate cluster of villages became an integral part of the natural harmony of the vast prairie. By the time you came on the scene, the thing that first presented itself to the eye is just tiny detached wooden huts and groups of herds, as well as snowy peaks, thick forest, green meadow, blue sky and white cloud together that constitute the unique natural landscape and cultural sights, which could enhance each other's beauty.

June and September are the best seasons for Hemu Prairie that few people would like to miss the most delightful seasons in a year. The beautiful Hemu Prairie in June is in the gorgeous and smooth grass under the trees. While in September the leaves all turned into golden, which makes a unique traditional Chinese painting with its boundless sky and clear water.

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