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The Lovely Qianye Lake

 2014-05-20    Young    Sights    Jilin    822  

Situated halfway up Changbaishan Mountain ranges and occupying an area of 16,000 square meters, Qianye Lake is a famous grade AAAA tourism scenic spot of our country with excellent tourist resources. Among which the Qianye Lake accounts for 1.3 square kilometers with the depth of 12 meters, which is dubbed a "Small Lake of Heaven." There're many amusement projects with the scenic area.

Green hills and clear waters make it become the best place for visitors who want to insulate themselves from the worries of life in the large cities to mould the temperament. Such kind of excellent conditions and four distinct seasons foster the growth of the luxuriant vegetation. Ring upon ring of woods and forests that glow with autumn tints constitute beautiful scenery beyond words. It's a rare natural oxygen bar for the exhibition forest tour and the ecosystem tour.

During the cold winter days, the ice and snow activities are traditionally the domain of recreation projects, while the forest tourist and swimming activities. It's the classic scenic area of landscape style all the year round that assembles that food, housing and fun into one whole. The path of mountain ranges on both sides shaped like a huge dragon winding its way over the rolling mountains.

There's an isolated mountain like the dragon ball at the mountain pass, which forms the unique landscapes of two coiling dragons encircling a shining pearl. Numerous mountain springs merged into a sheet of skied water. There're almost all sorts of snow and ice projects that you'd expect to find in the cold winter, which deserves to be called "The Home Village of Snow and Ice" as the highlight of national snowy land. The place enjoys a nature-endowed advantage in spending the summer for the summer holidays.

Here in the only one forest sand sliding field, visitors could get a lot of fun sliding down the sand slope, and they would take a dip and play and prawn in the lake before turning back home. The Great Ice and Snow Travelling World is shut in by high hills on every side. Qianye Lake is particularly perfect for sightseeing in January and February, and therefore it is highly recommended to the people who live in the southern cities such as Guangzhou and have never seen snow before.

Especially in the cold winter season, the willows lining the sides are clouded with ice crystal and under them people are seen racing to and fro in sleds. In this period of the Ice and Snow Festival, temporary amusement grounds are staked out on ice-locked Qianye Lake which may be used as winter sport parks.

As the most well-known public place of entertainment in winter, Qianye Lake Scenic Area consists of many activities like ice sledding, ice skating, dog sledding, tubing and all the ice sculptures at their ice bar, people could also go into the water for swimming or other recreation in summer. All these have done an even more remarkable job in displaying the unique charm and modern consciousness of Qianye Lake. 

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