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The Magical Glamour of Mount Doutuan

 2014-04-13    Young    Sights    Sichuan    2323  

The Doutuan Mountain is positioned at 18 kilometers away from the southwest of Jiangyou City of Sichuan Province. The path of the Doutuan Mountain runs zigzag up the hill. The mountain road climbed a twisting stretch of road through solid dogwood. Visitor's eyes followed the path twists and turns, now here, now there, above the high peaks, depending on the devious curves of the stream, but always fainter and farther away.

All of the visitors preferred to travel through the lush and verdant landscape of the mountain; they all relished the privacy and isolation of its verdant surroundings. The Doutuan Mountain brings about fresh coolness and glistening green of trees and grass.

The Doutuan Mountain is noted for its fantastic weather and impressive scenery. It's a secluded world of luxuriant trees and mysterious caverns where there is the secluded and refined Yunyan Buddhist Temple available. Here you can also visit the Doutuan Mountain to get a feel of the tranquility of this well-known mountain. It's like a fairyland on earth, with a thousand and one fabulous scene.

Lots of foreign visitors have exclaimed after touring the place, "Oh, what a human fairyland with the best living environment!" It's said that the Yunyan Buddhist Temple was listed as one of the key historical sites under regional protection. The Sutra Library in Yunyan Temple has existed for more than eight hundred years already and all who saw it stated that it had not its equal in the world.

Here you could glimpse the strange peaks with fleecy white clouds hovering round their summits in the Doutuan Mountain. Peculiar mountain could increase a lot of dignity for the Doutuan Mountain. Pinus bungeana with dark green leaves can be used as an ornamental for growth in shade, which forms a beautiful landscape. It's such one kind of tree that is pleasant to the sight. Pinus bungeana that is ardent admiration of the power of nature mainly grow in the mountainside and stones. The exquisite patterns clung there among the bluish tree shapes. It simply exceeds human dimensions. The encircling and undulating movement does really contribute to contrast pleasurably with the straight trunks of erect trees.

The essence and charm of the Doutuan Mountain are the Sutra Library. It's the only surviving turret of Taoism of Song Dynasty in our country. There is a rich collection of historic sites in what are known as the Sutra Library in the Doutuan Mountain. It's of great aesthetic along with historical value. They without doubt include a number of the best artistic creations of ancient China.

Those scientists might be astonished by the ingenious arrangement of the manufacture. Whether in art or architecture, it had to be admitted by their contemporaries that the Sutra Library could take the place which we believe it should take. On the mountain road, a winding path leads to a secluded spot. Based on its important status of historical research, it is identified as key cultural relics and grade AAAA tourism scenic spot.

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