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The Memory of Xiamen Tour - Day 2: Romantic Gulangyu

 2012-11-26    Elin Zhu    Tours    Xiamen    5220  

We headed for Xiamen City early in the morning. It took about 4 hours from Xiayang to Xiamen, quite tired. When we arrived at Xiamen, we took the BRT to the ferry terminal. 

It is the terminal to Gulangyu.

It is the passenger station of ferry terminal.

We bought the ferry tickets here.

We will take the ferry to Gulangyu Island.

The far view of Gulangyu Island on the ferry.
Gulangyu Island

We saw the Zheng Chenggong Statue!
Zheng Chenggong Statu

It is the Sunlight Rock!
Sunlight Rock

Arrive at the terminal of Gulangyu Island.
Gulangyu Island

The beach of Gulangyu Island.
Gulangyu Island

The Gulangyu Hotel and romantic café shop.
Gulangyu Island

The first cat we met in Gulangyu Island.
Gulangyu Island cat

We saw the singer here.
Gulangyu Island

The hotel we stayed in Gulangyu Island.
Gulangyu Island

The lunch we had is the quite famous snack in Gulangyu, called Hailiijian.
Gulangyu Island Hailiijian

The busy Longtou Road in Gulangyu Island.
Gulangyu Island

The famous Zhang Sanfeng Milktea Shop on Gulangyu Island.
Gulangyu Island Zhan Sanfeng

We bought the notebook to get the stamp of each shop. It is the special experience for Gulangyu Island.
Gulangyu Island

This is a special shop, called Kong Xiangzi.
Gulangyu Island

The night view of Shuzhuang Garden.
Shuzhuang Garden

It is the Piano Museum. It is a pity that we cannot enter because it is late.
Gulangyu Island Piano Museum

The night view of Sunlight Rock.
Sunlight Rock

The night beach
Gulangyu Island

This is our night snack
Gulangyu Island

The famous snack on Gulangyu Island, it is called Tusundong.
Gulangyu Island Tusundong

We have enjoyed the cocktail in Nana Bar.
Gulangyu Island

There are singers here. We feel quite enjoyable in this small bar.
Gulangyu Island

At around 23:00, we left the bar and went back to our hotel, so lovely a day!

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