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The Most Appealing Scenic Spot- Viewing Tower Park

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I was invited to visit the Viewing Tower Park with my father-in-law last year. I never heard this place before, but it really surprised me. The Viewing Tower also was called Wangjianglou, located in Chengdu city and it was built to commemorate Xue Tao, a gifted talent and a famous poetess of Tang Dynasty, she wrote poems at the tender edge of eight. This park was constructed beside the Jinjiang River. The annex buildings Yinshilou, Zhuojinlou, Huanjianlou, were built during Qing Dynasty. Chongli Tower was built in 1886. For a better sightseeing, many tourists viewed the river by ascending to the top of the building and it became a symbol of culture and history of ancient times of Chengdu. Wangjinglou also known as Chongli Tower, with South China characteristics and it was a gorgeous and splendid building.

On the top of the main entrance gate, there was a horizontal inscribe board, it read: “Wangjianglou Gong Yuan”. The pillars were painted and the beams were carved, tourists were attracted by the shining tiles and the red wall, added the whole building a splendid manner. It was cool in summer because the passageway was covered with green bamboos. There was a small pool, and finished with rockery, clean water and green plants added charm to the rockery. Qilixiang Corridor extended, full of twists and turns. Qilixiang was a white flower, it smelled fresh and fragrance, the scent assailed many miles. Zhuojinlou was a two-floor building, and made by wood, supported by three painted pillars.

Doors and windows were decorated with exquisite-carved animal figures. The pavilion looked like a fascinating boat from a far distance. Chongli Tower was situated near the Jinjiang River, a four-floor building, was made entirely of wood, it presented exquisite and unique shape. The top two stories each had eight sides and with golden roof, the first two-stories had square sides. The bottom had four sides too. Inside of the building, the ceilings were painted with elegant pattern, depicted phoenix among flowers and other scenes, golden roof shine a lot in the sunlight. In the first floor, there was a long couplet hanging on the wall and it was written by a scholar of the late Qing Dynasty, Zhong Yunfang. Yinshilou was a commodious pavilion, stood by the river, shown a great design or rather I might say, it was a garden.

Xue Tao well was believed that the poetess had applied into her daily life when she lived here. It was said that she dyed paper with the water drew from the well. She composed many poems during her lifetime. There was a statue of Xue Tao and it was made by white marble, stood on green grass. She wore a robe and displayed a graceful posture. This scenic spot was charming and attracted many tourists.

My father-in-law was a professor in a college and he studied a lot about the Chengdu city. In his free time, he would tell me some history about the noted city “Land of Abundance”. Gradually, I had fallen love in this city.

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