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The Most Delightful Tianchi Lake on Mount Tianshan

 2014-05-11    Young    Sights    Xinjiang    1960  

Situated in the city of Fukang in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Tianchi Lake also called as Heavenly Lake is one natural scenic spot that centers about the crystal mountain lakes. Bogda Peak on Heavenly Mountain rises over 5,445 meters above sea level, with the everlasting snows all the year round and glaciers stretching for many miles. The Tianchi Lake is situated in the upper reaches of Sangong River Valley on North Slope of the Mount Tianshan.

Located halfway up the Mount Tianshan averaging over 1 900 meters above sea level, it is a bright pearl of a lake over 100 meters deep that occupies some three square kilometer. The side of the lake is miles of densely wooded areas, and the green grass looks just like a carpet. The lake has enjoyed a good reputation as the Pearl on Heavenly Mountain for its seductively enchanting scene and was listed among the first group of the national key scenic spots in 1982.

Heavenly Lake on Heavenly Mountain revolves mainly around the Tianchi Lake, including four complete mountain altitudinal natural landscape belt, accounting for an area of 380.69 square kilometers. From ancient times, the lake formed, probably after mud-rocks that flowed down from the glaciers and blocked the river course. The lake is in the shape of a half moon with the overall length of 3,400 meters, about 1,500 meters wide at its widest point and about 105 meters at the deepest part.

The crystal depths of the lake would be a sight for sore eyes. Surrounded on all sides by sky-kissing peaks with green trees and colorful flowers, it enjoyed a widespread reputation as "Glittering Pearl on the Mount Tianshan both in China and abroad. Upstanding and green spruce trees blot out the sky and cover the sun with luxuriant foliage. You could keep going forward and ride through virgin forests covering the mountain slopes beneath the snow line, the pines standing close and tall, their branches overhanging each other so thickly that the sunlight only pierces through.

The water of the lake with a depth of over 100 meters mainly collected from the runoff from snow and ice in the mountains is thoroughly pure and luscious to taste. In summer, the Tianchi Lake would bring a perfect summer vacation for you!

Especially when you're in this sweltering desert, you can enjoy the pure and fresh air and pleasing scenery with large stretches of meadows. Even though it was midsummer and very hot, the temperature of the lake was rather low. Visitors would like to take a boat tour on the surface of the lake to enjoy the beautiful view of the lake. A cold evening breeze swept in from the lake. The summer heat has all melted vanished!

Forest-clad mountains and limpid streams complete the stunning scene of the Heavenly Lake all the year round. No one can say without doubt how many writers and poets in history have been to this charming place to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and the seclusion it offers. 

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