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The Mystery Charm of Tuyugou Canyon

 2014-06-09    Young    Sights    Xinjiang    2128  

Located in the middle section of Flaming Mountain within the boundaries of Shanshan County that is 47 kilometers away from the east of Turpan City, Xinjiang Province, Tuyugou Canyon boasts a singularly long history and the spectacular grandeur of the natural scenery. It used to be the holy land of Buddhism and Islam.

Here you could view the color contrast and visible mountain rocks. The nature carved landforms unlike anything else on the continent. Here you could find many things which you have not previously known and whereat you will be amazed. An aroma of mystery hung about the great Tuyugou Canyon, which is a land with combined civilizations of religions and histories.

Here you could not only catch sight of the beautiful valley landscape with hard-featured rocks and crossword valleys, but also Thousand-Buddha Cave in Tuyugou Canyon, Mazha Tomb and Ancient Village. Let us have introductions all round.

The well-known Thousand-Buddha Cave in Tuyugou Canyon is 15 kilometers to the east of the south slope of Huoyan Mountain. Mazha Village has been called as the historical and cultural village in our country. The local developers had taken the National top village of history and culture - Maza Village of Tuyuk County in Turpan City as a typical example to discuss the protection and development of ancient village tourism.

People are saying that the people in the Maza village are the oldest Uygur ethnic group with a history of more than 1700 years. Up to the present day, Uygur customs and habits are still beautifully preserved and remained among villagers. In the village, the old earthen architectures with a long history and rich content in the Turpan area are still bright and gorgeous. This kind of architecture has the typical features of being economical and practical, cool in summer and warm in winter, handsome appearance and durable in use.

By and large, the Tuyugou Canyon is a holy land for Muslims all over the world. It still attracts large numbers of tourists and numerous scholars within the fields of religion, history, culture and art as well as for artists of drawing and photographing.

The people in the Tuyugou Canyon had always lived a life of pleasure. They get up early in the morning and stop work at sunset. Here you could see the people here who always wear colorful clothing with featured Uygur characters. It's a paradise isolated from the outside world, without exploitation or oppression, and all the people can live together in amity and peace and can enjoy their life and work. Their houses were constructed by yellow clay.

A great many of old earthen architectures had been gone with the wind. The broken barrack windows look still attractive, which were gleamed with an unusual light under the evening sun. Surely, even older than these earthen architectures were the grottoes on the high-rising peaks and steep cliffs. A variety of large and small grottoes are much more like the gouged eyes when lifted up your eyes, vaguely and mournful. 

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