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The Pictorial World of Panlong Lake

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Panlong Lake Scenic Area is one comprehensive tourist holiday zone that assembles recreation, entertainment, sightseeing and conference into one whole. Now let me first introduce its geographical position: Located in the Yuanshi County. The resort has lots of fantastic scenery, spacious water and outstanding scenic spots of quiet beauty. There're three largest islands here including Lotus Flower Island, Long Island and Plymouth Island.

The tourism industry of Panlong Lake Scenic Area develops fast, with all kinds of specific leisure entertainment services coming up, including trapeze acrobatics, high-speed motor boats, angling, swimming, mountain climbing, beach volleyball and many more, which would no doubt allow visitors to have a relax and know local conditions as well as social customs. There're a great number of more delightful and exciting tourism projects waiting for you!

The wide range of colorful traditional cultural activities of popular appeal is sure to incline you to linger on among the hills and streams and forget to return., and make you feel completely relaxed and happy. Located on the terrace belt, the grandiose landscape of Panlong Lake with the shimmer of the morning sun unfolded before the tourists. A sheet of Skye water blended with heaven. It has been either hills, water, cloud or fog, which offers a feeling of mystery, foggy and hushed.

Boats on water, cruising in Panlong Lake, green water, green trees, and you feel amazed and delighted when greeted by the charming scenery of sapphire mountains and emerald rivers as well as red flowers and green leaves. From the elevated platform on the hillside, we can overlook the whole of Panlong Lake, as of the fairy fog floating on the heaven; the mountains even had to be reduced in splendor in front of the wonderful scenery.

In total, the scenic area accounts for an area of some 14 square kilometers, and the water surface accounts for 3.5 square kilometers. Here the scenic spot is not only equipped with high-grade sanitary facilities that offer standard, luxury and presidential suites, but also home inns and regional snacks, so as to meet more and more customers demands and requirements.

With excellent geographical location, beautiful natural environment and numerous human scenes, Panlong Lake Scenic Area is listed as scenic spots and tourist resorts on the provincial and municipal level in 1996, which has also attracted many investors. It has attracted domestic and foreign guests by its fame for its beautiful surroundings, considerate service and advanced perfection of recreational installation.

All of these advantages would not only takes its viewers on a scenic and breathtaking journey into the full beauty of the spectacular natural scenery, but also allow them to cultivate the heart and nature in the vocational village adjacent to mountains and river, to experience the extraordinary and tranquility beauty in an urban huddle. In the nearby mountain lakes are the luxuriant woods and bridges over flowing streams with their shadows reflected in the water. The postcard-perfect scenic area has become increasingly popular with tourists and was generally packed for the holiday.

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