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The Picturesque Panorama of Sanqing Lake

 2014-03-20    Young    Sights    Jiangxi    2280  

The Sanqing Lake which is lying at the foot of Sanqing Mountain is one of China's best-known tourist spots that stand 15 kilometers north of Yushan County, Jiangxi Province. This lake has its source in the Sanqing Mountain, and then it takes its name from this mountain. At the foot of the mountain, limpid water of the lake follows the wavy terrain and becomes a serene river snaking away into the distance.

The scenery looked stunning and tranquil with a small but unbelievably clear calm lake, fed by the flowing water of the Sanqing Mountain. The water at the upper reaches of the lake ran very fast and high, the lower reaches of the lake are exactly the opposite, the stream showed crystal clear water in the glasses. Nature teased us with a succession of turbulent and tumbling rapids of frantic desperation alternating with calm and crystal-cool moments of utter tranquility.

Moreover, fresh grass grew around the lake and it was always clear and calm. When you watch towards the deep blue sky, where the stars were floating like white lilies on the surface of a clear still lake. It is the best place where you can enjoy its beautiful scenery by boat or bamboo raft. There are many tour scenic spots in the spot; the most outstanding among them are the Sanqing Lake, Shaohua Mountain, the Eight Immortals Cave, and the Buddhist Saint Cave. All of them afforded a vista pleasant to contemplate.

Shaohua Mountain features a spectacular limestone karst landscape with stretches of forests and bamboos along with some historic spots. For natural scenery, Shaohua Mountain is especially well-known for its numerous picturesque rocks, often of weird-looking shapes. Visitors came to luxuriant woods and bamboo groves set among hills and interlaced by streams, with some famous historic sites half hidden among the foliage. When visitors climbed hills or mountains to look far into the distance, they can look into the distance the mighty Sanqing Lake and near the foreground green fields with scattered hamlets. Indeed when one decides to visit the Sanqing Lake in spring, he will find himself in a quiet wooded world where he could bask in the sweet warm breezes of the season.

Located at the foot of Shaohua Mountain, the Buddhist Saint Cave extends for 600 square meters. Viewed from the top mountain, the clear water looks like a green ribbon winding from south to north on the green and rippling lake. On both sides of the Sanqing Lake are picturesque cragged peaks with fleecy white clouds hovering round their summits. Within the scenic beauty of beautiful scenery and lush vegetation, Sanqing Lake from the mountain flowed out forward steadily and quietly. When one take a walk on the lakeside, he would watch the gleaming water and the ripple is exuding when it swayed in the breeze. When the western wave is rising, ring upon ring of woods tinted with deep red constitute a beautiful scenery beyond words, and the bright colors reflect in the crystal clear water.

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