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The Qingming River Park

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Qingming River Park is located in Kaifeng, Henan Province and is one of the Chinese National Treasures. Pictures of Qingming River Park is the masterpiece of Zhang Zeduan, who was a very famous artist from the North Song Dynasty. Qingming River Park is one of the most successful theme parks in China that makes history come to life.

The staff are all dressed in traditional Han clothing and there are many kinds of houses and pavilions using Song Dynasty architecture. You can also enjoy the actual performance of Song Dynasty-Dongjing Menghua every night, which is very amazing.

The main architecture of Qingming River Park includes rainbow bridge, stores of Song Dynasty, river way, docks and pawnshops.

These buildings reflect the traditional Chinese architectural style.

In Qingming River Park You can also enjoy many forms of Chinese traditional entrainment. This picture shows a polo match which is considered as ancient Chinese football.

In this picture ,the man act as ancient official who can tell you good or bad from your weight. 

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