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The Quaint Xiangshui Temple Scenic Spot

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Scenic Spot and Historic Site of Xiangshui Temple is located in the Dalian City, 60 kilometers away from Dandong City. With a rarely beautiful mountain scene, their dark forms like mountains painted in ink, stood out in sharp relief against the gentle dusky light. Its well-protected and luxuriant vegetation has a critical position for research on the evolution of paleophyte.

A wonderful view with clear-air turbulence on the calm lake greets the eye wherever one happens to be Xiangshui Temple Scenic Spot where from the way all these prospects of unequalled beauty are grouped together by nature. There was a liberal allowance of pretty waterfalls and hanging springs that now came into view and now receded into nothingness, as of a phantasmal presence.

Here visitors could intoxicate their eyes on the boundless beauties of the world of nature. With such colorful vegetation types, miraculous natural beauty, and so much to do, it's no wonder that the Xiangshui Temple is a wonder. Not far from the scenic spot is the famous temple with a long history nestling at the foot of the mountains.

Xiangshui Temple is situated at the northwestern foot of Dahei Mountain of JinZhou Zone. It's the renowned and the ageless splendor of Taoist temple within Dalian district. A legend passed down by generations says that it was constructed in the Tang Dynasty, and was rebuilt many times in later times, especially in the Qing Dynasty.

There were the great flight of steps outside the door, which made the temple look more sacred and stately. The temple consisted of two chambers, including the South Chamber and North Chamber. North Chamber with the accommodations of Taoist priests and the guest-chamber looks simple, antique and very secluded. These houses with courtyards attached all transport people who have been living in a world of noise and violence and speed to a brand-new world full of antiquity as well as tranquility.

There was a natural cave at a depth of 40 meters on the right side of the main hall. It's also called as the Yaoqin Cave, in no manner of shape, either round or square, no trace of hands having ever been used in making it, but those of only nature. In the cave is a crystal-clear spring with the insistent flowing. The spring that issued from the earth bubbled and chattered like a little mountain stream, hence the name as Xiangshui Temple.

As the highest peak of Xiangshui Temple Scenic Spot, Mount Fushou encompassed by mountains thrusts itself towards the sky, a successful combination of majestic and precipitous appeal. Against the east wall were extremely steep and forbidding cliffs, colorful and varied.

Countless stone peaks with fluid lines and soft colors and a lively three-dimensional effect, would make visitors lost themselves quickly in the dizzying heights of the marvelous realm, constituting one magic and traditional Chinese landscape painting. In its central area stood an old temple, which being built in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty in China. Sacred and serene, this wonderful temple had been a magnet for thousands of people each year.

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