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The Spectacular Scenery of Lulin Lake

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Located at Lulin Basin of the East Valley with the altitude of 1,040 meters within the territory of Lushan Mountain Region in the beautiful city of Jiujiang in the middle-lower reaches of the Yangzi River, thus the Lulin Lake is also named the East Lake.

Walking up the stone steps of a tree-shaded path from the Huanglong Temple, one soon reaches Lulin Bridge and has a marvelous view over the magnificent scenery all the way; the dense forest can hide the whole of the sun. A smooth stone path is followed by a series of sharp curves and lofty tree trunks. People walked through the dense trees in a refreshing cool breeze during the summer days.

Lulin Bridge must measure at least 30 meters. The bridge and the dam became an integral part of the scene. The stream can be dammed to make a lake with deep and crystal-clear water, framed like a shining translucent jade bracelet in its setting of the shady trees and beautiful valley.

It could stand out in bold relief against the floating cloud and smoke. Surrounded on all sides by sky-kissing peaks, Lulin Lake had a dense growth of green and luxuriant trees. It is a place of great scenic beauty. The place is originally the Lulin valley where was overgrown with reeds and had so many wild animals around. The lake lies between Yuping Peak and Xingzhou Peak.

The clean and crystal clear water of the lake as smooth as a mirror is reflected the shapely figure of the mountain. The sight of the beautiful mountains with clear reflections took our breath away. The picturesque hills and water whose attractiveness is enhanced by the presence of numerous historic sites and scenic spots are where one would like to linger on and on to drink in the enchanting beauty of nature.

The famous scenic sight around the Lulin Lake is the harmonious combination of green hills and clear water that complement and set each other off. At the centre of the lake, there are two pavilions. The Mid-Lake Pavilion with a rarely beautiful and sophisticated appearance could stand in the lake, adding much charm to the surface of the lake.

The twisting stone bridge leading to the pavilion in the middle of a lake was vaguely discernible, especially from a distance. The two pavilions in the centre of the crescent-shaped lake with the shining waters were faintly visible, etched against the moonlight. Chairman Mao Zedong had been to the lake for enjoying sightseeing tour scores of times during his lifetime.

The carved inscription garden of Mao Zedong had been built at the bridgehead in 1993 in memory of the centenary of Mao's birth. Mao Zedong had once described the scenery here in a poem which was carved on a tablet. People are saying that it'd be a fantastic idea to have a winter outing in the lake because of the more picturesque scenery. When winter comes, the trees on the bank of the lake congeal into rime, which had formed the most splendid view of Lulin Lake. 

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