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The Splendid Yao Lake in Nanchang

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The beautiful Yao Lake is the largest inland natural lake in Nanchang area. The current surface of the water covers an area of over twenty-two thousand acres. Located in the eastern suburb of Nanchang City, contiguous with Jiangxi Normal University, it's linked with the developed Qingshan Lake in Nanchang City and Aixi Lake.

The smooth surface of the Yao Lake is usually rectangular, and is divided into three small lakes including Top Yao Lake, Center Yao Lake and Bottom Yao Lake from south to north. The lake basin is as flat as a pancake. The broad surface of the lake is a sheet of skyey water. On the green surface of the lake, a little boat with white wings faintly, rocked all swaying to the light wind.

Each year as spring turns into summer, the blossom lotus dots the surface of ponds and lakes. Allow the waters teem with countless living creatures, and make birds fly above the earth across the vault of heaven. In the serenely limpid waters of the lake, fish that are playfully darting from lily to lily are clearly visible. The scenery is suggestive of poetry and painting and its allure simply irresistible.

When invigorating autumn comes, the lake is blazoned with autumnal color. Thousands upon thousands of unique animals and migrating birds wander on the surface of the lake. Everywhere is a scene of orioles singing and swallows darting. And yet inevitably it could strike one gleam after another.

It would be advisable to begin your tour from the front entrance as on this route scenic sites are galore, greeting the eye every step of the way from left and right. In addition, eight scenic sites around Yao Lake could create a unique Yao Lake landscape. This is the most picturesque sight along the entire course of the Yao Lake, where the oblique rays of the sun on the surface of the lake create this typical landscape that traditional iconography would associate with an earthly paradise.

On the whole, throughout the course of construction of a garden city, the local Nanchang people can awaken to find that the city itself boasts the unique hydrophilic advantage. However, such one beautiful Yao Lake, the total area of its surface is equivalent to eight lakes in and around Nanchang. Even the widely known West Lake in Hangzhou with the vast expanse of misty waters is only half as big as the Yao Lake.

The average depth of Yao Lake with a stable water level is 2.5 meters, and water quality is very good. This is a lake blessed with abundant natural resources. The coverage of tall water grasses reaches 75%. There are many places of interest around the lake, the beautiful scenery there was so impressive that make you indulge in pleasure without stopping.

Furthermore, Yao Lake and the area around it have many cultural and historic relics. The complete infrastructure facilities, convenient traffic, convenient transportation and beautiful environment make Yao Lake become a magnet for visitors both from home and abroad.

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