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The Story of Luding Bridge

 2013-11-26    Sylvia Lai    Tours    Luding    1773  

Luding Bridge is a very famous bridge of China. It crosses the Dadu River, located in the Luding town, in the west of Sichuan province, near the Tibet Autonomous region.
In ancient China, before Luding Bridge has been built. Many people can’t move their goods into the other river side. Moreover, it is also difficult for the army to come across Dadu River. It is said that in order to solve the traffic problem and to strength the control of this area, the emperor Kangxi of Qing Dynasty decided to construct this bridge across Dadu River. After one year, the bridge has completed. The emperor wrote down “Luding Bridge” named for this new bridge. From that time, Luding Bridge played an important role for the transportation between the Tibet and Sichuang.

Luding Bridge is an iron cable bridge. It is 103.67 meters length and only 3 meters wide. As the floor of the bridge is composed only by 13 thick chains, with some wooden broad covered on it. When you stand on the Luding Bridge, the bridge is always shaken by the wind.
But what really makes Luding Bridge well-known for Chinese people is because of a famous battle of the red army, which is the predecessor of China Communist Party’s army. In China, this famous battle is called “flying wins Luding Bridge”.

On that time the Communist Party and the National Party are standing on the opposite side. When a war was broken between two parties, the Communist Party armies were far less than the National Party’s. The National Party wanted to wipe out them completely. So the Communist Party had to conduct a long march to prevent from being destroyed completely. When they marched to Luding Bridge, they need to come across the bridge.
The legend of “flying wins Luding Bridge” was on that background. The leader of the red army decided to take an important military action to get Luding Bridge. The war was firing very fierce. The army of the opponents even took down all the wooden broads from the bridge, with only 13 chains left in order to hold off the bridge. But 22 warriors of the red army braved the bullets, it seems that they have already forgot the painful and death. But the war wasn’t so simple, the army of the National Party made a big fire on the east of the bridge to stop the red army. The warriors moved quickly across the fire. They and their opponents began to take a hand-to-hand combat. This battle was so thrilling and breathtaking.

The Red Army of Communist Party finally succeeded in Luding Bridge battle. The victory of this battle which played an important role, made the strength of the Communist Party can be saved from the attack of the National Party.
Today, Luding Bridger is as one of the sceneries of China. People all round China came here not only for watching the bridge, but to show their respect for the brave of those past warriors of the Red Army. It is really worth for us to learn their courage and responsibility.

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