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The Taoist Culture of Sanqing Mountain

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The Sanqing mountain is located in the Dexing city, Yushan county, Shangrao city, Jiangxi province. It is the main mountain of the Huaiyu mountain range, and the Sanqing mountain has three mountains which are the Tianzun Yuqing, Shangqing and Taiqing mountain. These three mountains symbolized the three gods of Taoism, and the gods name is the same with these three mountains.

According to the historical records, these three mountains are keeping the evolution history of the crust. It is a huge nature museum.

The origination of the Taoism

The rise and decline of the Sanqing mountain are connecting the Taoism very closely. The Taoism of the Sanqing mountain was founded in the Jin dynasty, Hong Ge is the founder of the Taoism. And this man has a special and important place of the Taoism, there is nobody could replace him.

From the history book, the Taoist alchemy is very popular in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (357-361), and the famous medical scientist Hongge and Shangshu Lee was starting to study the Taoist alchemy on the Sanqing mountain, they wrote a book for propagating the Taoism. And the Sanqing mountain is keeping the well which offers water for the Hong Ge and Shangshu Lee in the Eastern Jin Dynasty still, I heard someone said that this is the god’s well. Then Mr. Ge is becoming the first ancestor of the Sanqing mountain.

Tang Dynasty

The Taoism had been embraced state religion, therefore a lot of Taoist came up all of a sudden. The Taoism was very famous in the Tang dynasty naturally, and a lot of follower visit the Sanqing mountain for blessing.

Three hundred years later, the Sanqing mountain belongs to the Yushan county, and the founder’s follower built a temple here for Taoism which is the “ Laozi Gong temple”, this is the first Taoist temple in the history.

The Northern Song Dynasty

Emperor Zhenzong Song is a true Taoist, and there is a lot of Taoist architecture in the Sanqing mountain. A lot of Taoist built a temple for commemorating Hong Ge which is the Ge Xian Temple, and has two status of Hong Ge and Shangshu Lee in the temple’s hall.

There is another thing which i would like to mention, which is the Taoist built a tower on the cliff of the Tianmen Mountain. This tower stands up there still, after through a thousand years, don't miss this scenic if you visit.

Yuan Dynasty

In the Yuan dynasty, the Taoism became a thought weapon, and the Sanqing Temple came up. The Taoist became two parts, the first one is the Taoist priest, the second one is no need to tonsure. And the Taoist priest belongs the Quanzhen community. The second part which doesn’t need to tonsure belongs the Zhenyi community. And the Sanqing temple was rebuilding this period, became bigger...

Ming Dynasty

In the Ming dynasty, the emperor Yuanzhang Zhu was believing in the Taoism, and he orders that the Mater Zhang became the leader of the Taoists. After that the Dragon- Tiger Mountain was becoming the center of Taoism, and the Master. Zhang was controlling the whole Sanqing mountain.

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