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The best places close to nature at Shenzhen

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It’s now mid-autumn, people living in the cities start to long for the greenery. Let’s go for an outing in the clear and crisp days of autumn. It’s time to breathe in some fresh air.

Western Ocean Park

The sun shines pleasantly accompanying with the refreshing breeze. Let’s go to Western Ocean Park with family or close friends. You will surely enjoy the autumn wetland secenery there. As the water is still warm, the most popular activity for children must be catching loaches. For city boys and girls, it’s an excitement for they could never have such experience elsewhere. It will be an enjoyment for parents to watch their children and share the happiness with them.

Swing Rope, Lover Bridge, Hero Bridge, Flying Ring Above The Water,
Steel Cable Bridge are all free. They vary in difficulty and definitely could meet youngster’s different needs. People can also boat on Reed Catkins Lake. What a pleasure it is rowing gently on the quiet water!

Wide Life Park

Wild life Park is situated on the bank of the beautiful Xili Lake. The park combines animals, plants and animal performances, and is the first to uncage animals in China. More than 300 breeds of animals live here. Many of them are rare animals in the world or national protected animals in China. People can find pandas, giraffes, Asian elephants, red-crowned cranes, Siberian tigers and flamingos in this park.
Born in the park, Grus vipios are the new members in the animal family. They will make a marvellous performance on ALL Animals’ Show along with all the other animal performers.

OCT East

Spread over a large area of 9 km2 and stretching all the way from the coast to high up in the mountains, there are some truly amazing components to this wonderland.

On the warm sunny autumn days, at OCT East, breathing in high mountain oxygen rich air, bathing in the gentle sunlight, or feeding pigeons all makes people feel relaxed and comfortable.

People can choose to take photos at Grand Canyon; admire the blooming sunflowers at Chaxi Gu; stroll along deep places in bamboo grove. You will get an eye full of the beautiful scenery.

When you get tired, there are all sorts of different baths along with hot springs for you to soak yourself in.

Green World

This is a paradise for insects and plants. It contains secret tropical rainforest, beautiful butterfly farm and fruit park. Here people can see snails race, grasshoppers contest, and bees gather honey among the flowers. There is a magic corridor here with all sorts of crops, snake melons, peppers and pumpkins, etc. Amazingly, all plants do not grow in the earth. They grow in the water instead. It is called water culture. Making good use of stereoscopic planting, plants form a beautiful and fascinating green ecological corridor.

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