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Thousand Miao Villages in Xijiang

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Xijiang is located in eastern part of Guizhou province. This village is popular in China as largest Miao village and therefore possesses title as ‘1000 household village’. It is having a bit more than 1000 residential dwellings that counts to population more than five thousand. Out of this five thousand people, nearly 99.5 percent is Miao people. Researchers quote this villager as one living fossil to learn more on traditional culture and history of Miao people. It is famous for several festivals, especially during the Chinese New Year. Miao inhabitants gather from nearby villages on festive occasions.

National Open Air Museum

The location of Miao Village in Xijiang is specifically about thirty six kilometres from Leishan and nearly thirty five kilometres from Kali situated in Guizhou. In the southwest part of China, it is common to find ethnic Miao groups, mainly in Guizhou. Exploring minority villages is very interesting. Travellers visit here and get attracted by daily life and exotic dress of locals. The houses are wooden stilted. The architecture with which these houses constructed are unique in nature. Several researchers call Miao Village in Xihiang as national open air museum that helps in learning Miao culture. It is situated near calley and bordered by beautiful overlapping mountains that have terraced fields over mountain slopes.

The village is cut into two by Baishui River also known as White Water River. The houses built here situate step upon step on river banks to mountain. They are dotted by dense bamboo groves behind as well as before. Bottom part of mountain and top portion of village is cover well by the stunning maple leaves.

The spectacular view of Miao Village can be experienced from its entrance gate. This village is located in protected area of LeiGongshan National Park. During past years, money was invested for restoration of houses in the original appearance so as to designate it to a perfect tourist destination. Riverfront portion and main streets are almost new. Stalls are introduced to attract tourists. A walk uphill and in back streets will take one to occupied spaces that are more authentic.


Miao Village is land of grand festivals. Most of them are traditional ones that are conducted all year round. Few examples are Dragon Boat Festival, Lusheng Festival, Harvest Celebration, Sister’s Festivals, and more. During the time of harvest, Miao people will worship all their ancestors. Visitors to Miao Village in Xijiang are always mesmerized by glittering stylish silver ornaments that are worn by females in Miao village during holidays. Tourists are generally impressed well by their dances, local songs, etc accompanied with music from traditional instrument of Miao people, Lusheng.

Travel Tips

It takes an hour to reach Xijiang Miao Village from Kaili by road. Bus services are available from Kaili and Leishan regularly. There is an entrance fee of sixty Yuan which even offer a complete stay in Village. Officially, the rate is hundred Yuan, but automatic discount is offered. Due to compact nature of village, it takes just fifteen minutes along main road to walk from one part to other.

Explore Thousand Miao Villages Xijiang and learn more about Miao people. Hurry up!

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